Seth Martinez was a lively, healthy, two-year-old little boy before becoming a victim of child abuse four years ago on March 29, 2013. He almost died from his abuse, but somehow survived. Today, he lives at the Home for the Innocents in Louisville and suffers from a brain injury and a multitude of health problems. He’s permanently disabled, legally blind and is unable to communicate, walk or even swallow.
Seth still smiles

Four years ago today, six-year-old Seth Martinez went from being a normal, rambunctious little boy to a permanently disabled, legally blind child with a brain injury. He’s unable to communicate, unable to swallow and completely dependent on others for his care.
On March 29, 2013, Seth became a victim of child abuse.
“I thought my grandson was going to die,” Denise Depappa said. “But, he’s got God on his side. That little boy is a fighter.”