6-5-13 Early Files

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140 years ago
May 28, 1873
Too young

Colonel Thomas Penna and Elizabeth Rice eloped last week and successfully and happily united in the silken bonds of matrimony by a minister at Harrodsburg. They were for some unaccountable reason not pursued by their enraged and unhappy parents. Your correspondent, being a warm friend of both, earnestly hopes that their angered and unreasonable parents will forgive them, and that they will be restored to full parental recognition and favor. The success of this youth, aged 70, is ensnaring the heart of his fair bride aged 60, shows what determination, vim and desperate valor can accomplish.

80 years ago
June 5, 1943
Musical Melanage

Of particular interest to the people of Marion County will be the Musical Melanage program from WHAS, the broadcasting station of the Courier-Journal, Louisville, on Monday, June 5, between 2:30 and 3 in the afternoon. On this program will be heard Samuel J. Spalding Jr, making his debut as a radio speaker, in the interest of the Jane Todd Crawford Trail.
Young Spalding, a senior at St. Augustine’s High School, is winner of the essay contest on the Jane Todd Crawford Trail, conducted in the county schools of Green, Taylor, Marion and Boyle counties.

Jubilee for Rev. Hogarty
On June 17 the Very Rev. Joseph A. Hogarty, pastor of St. Augustine’s Catholic Church here, will celebrate his fiftieth year in the priesthood and in commemoration of the occasion the congregation of the church has arranged a suitable golden jubilee program.

60 years ago
May 29, 1953
Race driver hurt

Jerry Cartwright, Frankfort automobile racer, was painfully but not seriously injured Sunday afternoon at the local Fairgrounds when his speeding car spun out of control and cartwheeled some 50 yards down the track in front of 700 horrified onlookers.
A local physician said Cartwright suffered chest burns on his left arm and hand.

45 years ago
May 30, 1968
St. Francis close
St. Francis High School will be closed and will not reopen this fall for the registration of students.
Rising costs and lower enrollments were listed as prime reasons for closing.
St. Francis High, which went into operation in 1963, had a graduating class this year of 37 students.

Fogle named Star Student
Suzanne Fogle, named salutatorian of the 1968 graduating class at St. Francis, has been awarded a certificate recognizing her as Marion County’s Star Student by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce for the highest score achieved on the Scholastic Aptitude Test in a Marion County high school.
Peggy Johnson, valedictorian of the 36-member class, received a medal for high scholastic achievement provided by the University of Kentucky Alumni Association. As valedictorian, Miss Johnson was also awarded a complimentary subscription to Reader’s Digest for one year.
Suzanne Fogle and Linda Hamilton, outstanding chemistry students, have tied for the annual Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award. Each received a bronze medal.

30 years ago
June 1, 1983
Eagle Scout

Seventeen-year-old Keith Clements, the son of Patsy and Bobby Clements of Loretto, followed in the footsteps of this older brother last month when he became the second Clements son to become an Eagle Scout.

Crusade success
The Lebanon Fire Department recently raised more than $10,000. All of the money was donated to the Crusade for Children.

20 years ago
June 2, 1993
Caldwell, Lancaster top grads

The 23rd annual commencement at Marion County High School was last Saturday evening, and 190 seniors received diplomas before a near-capacity crowd in the gymnasium.
Dr. Gwen Nelson, principal of MCHS, announced that Carrie Caldwell had earned the honor of valedictorian for the class of 1993; the salutatorian honor went to Joseph Jeremiah “J.J.” Lancaster.

No smoking
Due to recent findings, and to insure the safety and health of postal employees and customers, smoking will be prohibited in all US Postal Service buildings or office space (including service lobbies owned or leased by the Postal Service), effective June 13, 1993. Smoking will also be prohibited in postal vehicles.