8-24-11 Early Files

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75 years ago
Aug. 7, 1936
Bicycle trip

That Lester and James Spalding, sons of Mr. and Mrs. B.G. Spalding, were in Louisville Tuesday is scarcely news. But when they made the round trip all in one day on bicycle’s, that’s news that makes one’s legs ache to think about.
During the course of the 134-mile jaunt, they occasionally stopped for a sandwich and soft drink, commenting that the trip wasn’t such a tough one. “Besides,” one of them added, “muscle is cheaper than gasoline.”

50 years ago
Aug. 10, 1961
Prize winner

Charlene Harmon, a Marion County 4-H Clubber, displayed a food-canning exhibit, which won her a blue ribbon at the Youth Fair held in connection with last week’s Sidewalk Days observance. Harmon took another first prize with a formal dress. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Harmon Jr., Rt. 2, Lebanon.

Metered water service
Rural residents of the western half of Marion County, The Loretto and St. Mary areas in particular, will meet next Thursday night at St. Francis High School to learn more about their prospects of obtaining metered water service for their farms and homes.
About 200 families in the Loretto and St. Mary area have indicated their interest in obtaining rural water lines if the service can be provided at a reasonable cost.

25 years ago
Aug. 20, 1986
Gorley retires

For the past 28 years, Cecil Gorley, Marion County Game Warden, has patrolled the streams, creeks, rivers and woods from Holy Cross to Gravel Switch, from Bradfordsville to Raywick. All 344 square miles of the county. Now Gorley is hanging up his badge. His retirement became effective Aug. 15.
Gorley says that he plans to do in retirement much the same things he did at work. He plans to hunt a little and fish a little. And he wants to work in the garden.
“I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I never had any trouble with people and I want to thank everybody I’ve dealt with for being so nice to me. I’m going to miss seeing all these people I saw every day. But I’m sure I’ll stay out in the woods doing what I love just as long as I’m able.”

10 years ago
Aug. 8, 2001
Marks named principal

With less than a week to prepare before school starts, Pam Marks took on the job of principal at Calvary Elementary School.

Former principal Eric King transferred to the Marion County Alternative School in July.
Marks was named as his successor on Aug. 3.
“I’ve been in the classroom for 18 years, and I have a passion for teaching,” she said. “I enjoy working with other teachers and wanted to move to a different level.”

5 years ago
Aug. 2, 2006
Bradfordsville recognized

It’s been more than two years since the City of Bradfordsville acquired the former Bradfordsville school building. While progress is coming along slowly, the city has been recognized by the National Association of Development Organizations for its efforts, and it has been approved for $275,000 in federal funds.
Much of the work to date has been focused on cleaning up the building and improving adjacent property.