Accurate farm records are key to program payments and eligibility

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Farm Service Agency program payments and eligibility for participation depend on accurate farm records. Crop acreage reports are perhaps the most critical records that farmers can establish to ensure eligibility to participate in USDA programs.
Agency guidelines are amended to make acreage reporting as convenient as possible for all producers. Acreage reports may be filed by the tenant or sharecropper who shares in the crop for which acreage is reported in addition to the farm owner, operators, or authorized agent.
A crop report is required to be filed on all acreage rerolled in the Conservation Reserve Program and on any crops where the person may apply for a price support loan or loan deficiency payment. This includes burley tobacco. Planted acreage of fruits and vegetables must be reported on farms participating in any USDA program.
Crop reports are required for crop losses under the Non-Insured Assistance (NAP) Program, which covers crops that are uninsurable. Fall seeded crops such as wheat, barley and oats must be reported by December 15, 2012.
The final reporting date for all other crops, such as corn, soybeans, grain sorghum, tobacco, all grasses and alfalfa will be July 15, 2013. All late-filled crop reports will be subject to a measurement service and the producer will be charged a fee for that service.
For further assistance feel free to call or visit the Marion County Farm Service Center.