Adventures with spring sports

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By Jessica Veatch



Last week was definitely a change of pace for me as the spring sports adventures began.
First of all, I went to the Marion County Lady Knights softball game at Talley Field on Monday, where I witnessed an amazing comeback in a game that seemed like it was going to be a run rule in the first few innings. I certainly saw the heart and character of the softball team that Head Coach Trent Milby commented on when asked about the comeback.  
Going to this game also made me miss softball, the sport that I truly love. As most of you know, I played softball for the Marion County team from my eighth grade year through my senior year, graduating in 1998. I went on to play softball at the collegiate level and coached the Marion County softball team for three years.   
Walking onto the field and taking pictures of these girls that show their love for the game brought back memories that I made throughout my softball career.  It also made me realize that I can’t wait until summer, when I can once again play softball in Bradfordsville and also on a women’s team in which we travel to the Bluegrass Games and the Kentucky State Softball Tournament in August.  
Some people have asked me how long I will continue to play. I will just tell you, I don’t plan to quit anytime soon. As long as I am able and there is a team to play on, I intend to continue to play the game I love.
The next event I attended was the Knights baseball game on Tuesday night as they played Danville. Although the Knights ended up losing the game, I saw a baseball game from a different perspective that night. Being allowed to go onto the field, not right in the action of course, allowed me to get close up shots of batters and players that are from different angles than what I am used to seeing from the bleachers. I look forward to going to more baseball games and hopefully catching that double play, perfect slide into a base, or home run swing in my shots.
Finally, my last adventure of the week was Thursday afternoon as I attended the tennis matches of the Knights and Lady Knights teams. Other than the freezing outdoor conditions that day that numbed my fingers and nose, shooting pictures at these events was a new but fun experience. I actually went onto the court at each match, sitting right by the net. It was neat getting to be up so close to the action, but I will admit that I was just a tad bit nervous that I was going to get hit in the head by a blazing tennis ball. Yes, I know that tennis balls are small and not as hard as a softball or a baseball, but hearing it whiz by, I figured it wouldn’t feel too good if it did connect with my body in any way.  Luckily, I made it through without getting hit once, but one ball in the boys tennis match did go right over my head. Thank goodness!
So as you can see, the beginning of spring sports has truly been an adventure, one that I truly enjoy. Between softball, baseball, tennis, and track and field, I plan to stay busy this spring taking many pictures and hopefully being able to enjoy the outdoors, if the weather will cooperate. But for now, I will attend these events, wrapping up in many layers and wearing my ear warmers, waiting to see what player or players will step up for their respective team on any given day.