Another fun weekend fishing

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By Shelton Young

 My favorite two words: Early Deadline!

Well, here goes. Saturday morning dawned clear and promised great weather. A little after 8 a.m. we were beginning to wonder. Then the kids, both young and old, started to show up.

They were greeted by bouncies, minnow race trays, plastic bass casting game, available boat rides and of course fishing!

Yep, the Kids Fishing Day, Kids Fishing Derby or just plain Kids Day…whatever you choose to call it…was “officially” underway.

First, we lost some of our rare, racing minnows. Somebody forgot that the minnows don’t relate well when they float belly up! With the second batch of minnows we used lake water, with some “water treatment” added for good measure.

The casting game went well once the kids understood they couldn’t keep, or eat, the plastic fish!

Bouncies were, well, bouncy! Ya just can’t go wrong with bouncies.

This year we didn’t fish from the boats but rather just provided boat rides. One of the biggest kicks seemed to be operating the foot controlled trolling motors. Some of the turns were rather abrupt at first, but smoothed out with a little practice.

Then there was the fishing, or maybe it would be better described as “drowning impaled worms!” I have to say “Never be surprised” when taking kids fishing. It runs the gauntlet from “his worm is bigger, wiggles more, wiggles less than mine” to questions like “Does it hurt the fish’s mouth when he bites the hook?” Then there were the personal questions like “Do you catch big fish like they do on TV?”

“You pick out the worm you want, I don’t know, the guys on TV are professionals.”

There were a few “accidents.” One kid decided to try wading and fishing. First, there’s no place to “wade” at the lake. Second, it’s too dangerous to wade at the lake. And third, if you’re going to wade anywhere don’t wear a new pair of Nikes!

When it ended, at 2 p.m., awards were given to different age groups and “door prizes” were drawn. 

The event was well organized and, in general, went off without a hitch, almost!

Thanks go out to Fiscal Court for getting behind this event. Without their monetary contribution this event couldn’t have happened! Then we have Jason and Beth Spalding who put a lot of effort, and prayers, into making this event happen. Our Mid-KY Bass Anglers who brought their boats and provided the boat rides, along with other volunteers made this event possible and personal!

Another great year!


The Puddle Jumpers (small boats) fished Salem Lake Sunday. Yep, same Salem Lake the Mid-KY Bass Anglers fished last week!

Day was nice but a little windy. Winds plays havoc on the little boats!

But, the wind blew the same on everybody, and we still had a good tournament.

I’d like to announce the winners…but can’t! Why? Because it’s Thursday.  Remember what I said about an “early deadline”?

Soooooo, the Kid’s Fishing Derby and the Puddle Jumper tournament haven’t happened yet!

Yes, I made all that up! But, it was based on things that have happened at past events.

Hey, I had to turn “something” in.


One thing I intend to bring up at our Puddle Jumper tournament is a “possible” rule change.

Right now the maximum boat length is 12 feet. I’m thinking we need to consider: No maximum boat length, but still with no gas engines attached and still only one angler per boat.

Remember, this is a “consideration!” Just trying to figure a way to increase our participation while keeping the “smaller” boat idea!

I’ll let you know next time how it works out.


If you want to keep up with what’s going on with the local fishing scene you need look no further than KYFishing.TV. All the Mid-KY Bass Anglers and Puddle Jumpers, plus some other tournaments are listed. Some of Matthew Mattingly’s fishing pointers are featured for your information and entertainment.

Give the site a try, you’ll like it!


Our next Mid-KY Bass Tournament is scheduled for June 1 at Taylorsville Lake. Launch is from the Possum Ridge Ramp (State Park) at 7 a.m. Registration by 6:45 a.m. with a 3 p.m. weigh-in.


Guess that’s it for now. Get out, enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, stay safe and I’ll see ya next week!