Applications being taken for free program that provides boost, inspiration for Appalachian women

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For 24 years, nearly 600 women across Appalachia have been learning they have the strength and courage to finish their education and to build the self-esteem they need to find their potential.   At no cost to them, women who find themselves in transition and are seeking to be inspired and build their confidence are doing just that through the New Opportunity School for Women (NOSW) in Berea, KY.
“For me, the NOSW was a chance of a lifetime.  I wish every woman could attend.  I feel more alive now.  I feel like myself again.  Before the school, I had gotten so depressed because I felt like my life was over because I couldn’t work.  Now I feel like I may be able to work again with the education that I’m now getting.  Before the NOSW, I felt I was too old to go to college and begin again.  Now I know that I’m not - I see a future in my life again,” said a NOSW graduate from Norton, VA.
Now is the time to submit applications for the winter, 2012 session.  Applicants who are selected and complete the three-week residential program will find themselves to be more self-sufficient, more confident, and will be an inspiration for their families and community.  Additionally, the New Opportunity School staff and alumni provide a strong support system for graduates.
The New Opportunity School’s unique program has received national recognition on Oprah and in People magazine.  The 2012 NOSW Winter Residential Session is Feb. 5 -25.  The deadline for application is Dec. 1, 2011.
Requests for applications and/or additional information should be addressed to The New Opportunity School for Women, 204 Chestnut Street, Berea, KY 40403, or by calling (859) 985-7200.  Our website, www.nosw.org, provides additional information regarding our no-cost program and a printable application.
The New Opportunity School for Women, Inc. (NOSW) was founded in 1987 by Jane B. Stephenson to assist women of Appalachia and Kentucky in their pursuit of employment, education, and personal growth. The NOSW accepts women over 30 who have completed high school, have a GED (or actively working on a GED), and do not have a college degree.  The program provides educational opportunities through classes in building self-esteem, computer basics, leadership development, Appalachian literature, self-defense, understanding violence against women, public speaking, learning how to become enrolled in further education, and cultural field trips and art related events.  Job search skills will be identified and participants will learn to write resumes and practice interview techniques.  Participants will intern in a field of interest, either on the Berea College campus or in the community.  Health screenings include mammograms, pap tests and dental exams.  Lodging and meals are provided; grants for travel and childcare are available.