Aquaknights keep breaking school records

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By Jessica Veatch and Josh Veatch

The Marion County Aquaknights swim team hosted Bethlehem High School at the Lebanon Aquatic Center recently. The Aquaknights came away victorious in the meet in both the boys and the girls divisions. Overall, the boys team defeated Bethlehem 383-206, and the girls team won 672-265. Two more records fell in the meet. The relay team of Johannah Leake, Laura Beth Rice, Lindsey Buckman and Morgan Avritt broke their own record of 2:16.08 in the 200 yard relay medley by swimming the course in 2:13.64.  Also, Laura Beth Rice broke the 2007 school record held by Madeline Peterson of 1:02.6 in the 100 yard freestyle with a time of 1:02.38.
“We are thrilled with the progress these swimmers are making, whether it is breaking records, finishing an event in first place, or knocking seconds off their time,” Head Coach Holly Buckman said. “However, we are not done yet!”
Coach Buckman said the coaching staff continues to encourage the swimmers.
“For the next few weeks we are encouraging them to practice harder, make new goals if they have reached goals made at the beginning of the year, and finish with no regrets,” she said. “Several of these kids will have the opportunity to swim on the second day of region if they finish up strong, but they have to step it up. As with any sport there is plenty of competition out there, and work ethic will determine whether or not they reach their potential.”
Individual results for the girls team are as follows:
Girls 50 yard freestyle, Rae Mills, 1st, 30.95, Morgan Avritt, 2nd, 31.25, Johannah Leake, 3rd, 31.75, Bethany Spalding, 4th, 32.68, Taylor Leake, 6th, 34.18, Brooke Davis, 7th, 34.41, Madison Avritt, 8th, 36.18, Leah Mudd, 9th, 36.87, Madison Caldwell, 12th, 38.16, Cara Piekarski, 14th, 39.33, Tessa Hillman, 15th, 41.00, Abi Murphy, 16th, 50.22; Girls 100 yard freestyle, Laura Beth Rice, 1st, 1:02.38, Rae Mills, 2nd, 1:10.20, Andrea O’Daniel, 3rd, 1:11.97, Leah Mudd, 5th, 1:22.23, Harmony Lanham, 6th, 1:22.72, Madison Caldwell, 7th, 1:27.45, Tessa Hillman, 10th, 1:37.64.
Girls 200 yard freestyle, Lindsey Buckman, 1st, 2:30.90; Girls 100 yard butterfly, Lindsey Buckman, 2nd, 1:14.18, Andrea O’Daniel, 3rd, 1:25.09, Caroline Cobb, 4th, 1:40.28, Kate Cobb, 5th, 1:57.85.
Girls 100 yard backstroke, Bethany Spalding, 2nd, 1:29.67, Harmony Lanham, 4th, 1:42.33, Kate Cobb, 5th, 1:49.51, Cara Piekarski, 6th, 1:58,54; Girls 100 yard breaststroke, Johannah Leake, 1st, 1:24.33, Morgan Avritt, 2nd, 1:30.59, Madison Avritt, 4th, 1:36.28, Taylor Leake, 5th, 1:53.66, Brooke Davis, 6th, 1:57.67; Girls 200 yard individual medley, Laura Beth Rice, 2nd, 2:44.24.
Relay results for the girls team are as follows:
Girls 200 yard medley relay, Laura Beth Rice, Johannah Leake, Lindsey Buckman, Morgan Avritt, 1st, 2:13.64, Caroline Cobb, Madison Avritt, Andrea O’Daniel, Rae Mills, 2nd, 2:28.75; Girls 200 yard freestyle relay, Johannah Leake, Laura Beth Rice, Lindsey Buckman, Morgan Avritt, 1st, 2:01.36, Andrea O’Daniel, Rae Mills, Brooke Davis, Bethany Spalding, 3rd, 2:10.20; Girls 400 yard freestyle relay, Harmony Lanham, Bethany Spalding, Leah Mudd, Brooke Davis, 2nd, 5:20.66, Madison Caldwell, Kate Cobb, Tessa Hillman, Taylor Leake, 3rd, 5:59.03.
Individual results for the boys team are as follows:
Boys 50 yard freestyle, Aaron Buckman, 2nd, 30.35, Justin Spalding, 3rd, 31.99, Michael Richardson, 5th, 32.85, Connor Johnson, 8th, 34.90, Diego Reyes, 9th, 39.39, Louis Obata, 10th, 39.88, Jaxon Wheatley, 11th, 39.95, Eli Nelson, 12th, 41.27, Trevor Mudd, 13th, 43.29; Boys 100 yard freestyle, Jonathan Buckman, 1st, 1:12.24, Connor Johnson, 3rd, 1:17.44, Aaron Buckman, 4th, 1:18.40, Jaxon Wheatley, 5th, 1:32.18, Diego Reyes, 6th, 1:36.46.
Boys 100 yard backstroke, Jonathan Buckman, 1st, 1:24.44, Trevor Mudd, 2nd, 2:08.53; Boys 100 yard breaststroke, Ryo Ogasawara, 2nd, 1:26.95, Justin Spalding, 3rd, 1:30.01, Eli Nelson, 5th, 1:31.31; Boys 200 yard individual medley, Ryo Ogasawara, 1st, 2:58.84.
Relay results for the boys team are as follows:
Boys 200 yard medley relay, Justin Spalding, Ryo Ogasawara, Aaron Buckman, Jonathan Buckman, 1st, 2:23.00; Boys 200 yard freestyle relay, Aaron Buckman, Ryo Ogasawara, Justin Spalding, Jonathan Buckman, 1st, 2:03.71, Trevor Mudd, Connor Johnson, Diego Reyes, Louis Obata, 3rd, 2:47.61.