BACK TO SCHOOL: St. Augustine ready for its best year yet

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Editor's note: The following article was inadvertently left out of the Enterprise's "Back to School" section. The omission was the Enterprise's mistake. The article will be included in the Aug. 10 edition of the Enterprise's printed edition. The Enterprise apologizes for the mistake.

New teachers, shining rooms, dedicated faculty and excited students! St. Augustine School is ready for its best year yet!

We have retired two wonderful teachers and brought aboard three new teachers ready to create their legacy. Miss Lenae Thompson has been hired to teach in the lower elementary, Mrs. Anne Edelen has been hired to handle Middle School science, and Mrs. Rebekah Gabbert will be instructing Middle School math and social studies. These teachers, along with our fully certified faculty are sure to create a faith filled year full of learning for our students.

We were so pleased to bring our tuition rate down to $2,000 per student in grades K-8. This allowed us to serve many more families and bring new students into the school. This will be our first year of a three-year commitment to keep tuition at this rate so that every family that would like to attend St. Augustine, can make that choice.

We have been accepted as a Junior Honor Society school and we will continue our many projects of community and global service to others. We plan to dominate both the Book Bee and Spelling Bee competitions within the Archdiocese of Louisville as well as continuing to achieve locally. Our adoption of Singapore Math has been a huge success and we will be integrating multi-age learning in several grade levels. Our teachers are making sure every child is learning at their level. Differentiation at its best!

Our preschool continues to serve students ages 3 and 4 with a full day program including music, large and small motor activities, technology, religion, hot lunch, and a well deserved nap! We are a 4C school - 4C is a federally funded program that will pay your child's preschool tuition if you qualify for the program. For many struggling families, this means their child can be in our preschool at no cost to them. That ties directly into our mission to help all the families that we can.

We welcome Father Bill Bowling to our school and we continue to be blessed with the leadership of Father Jerry Bell. The 2011-12 school year is shaping up to be an adventure in learning with enthusiasm, love, and excitement. There is always room for more and financial aide is available.  Call us at (270) 692-2063 to become a part of the tradition of excellence that is St. Augustine School.


Alicia Riggs, Principal