Bad news

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Our hearts go out to those who are suffering

By The Staff

This week's Lebanon Enterprise is depressing.

Any time we have bad news to report, it's depressing, but it's rare that so much bad news happens all at once.

During the last eight days, Marion County has experienced a murder/suicide, an attempted murder, the arrest of four firefighters (and reports from the Kentucky State Police that more arrests are possible) and a car accident that forced an emergency Caesarean section. More sadly, the baby, Raelyn Michelle "Skeeter" Gribbins, died the day after the accident.

Given the amount of bad news in today's edition, it's quite possible that thousands of people in Marion County have been affected either directly or indirectly by at least one of these events.

The news staff of the Enterprise has a combined 20 years of reporting experience, most of which has been working for weekly newspapers. We cannot recall any week in that time with this many unrelated tragic incidents to report.

We know there will be weeks when good news will predominate, but this has not been one of them.

We report bad news in hopes of raising understanding, but murder/suicides remain difficult to comprehend.

We report bad news in hopes of raising awareness. We want to believe that reporting on those accidents will make everyone (including ourselves) more conscious of our own bad driving habits and decisions, yet we know that more accidents will occur in the future.

We report bad news because it is an unfortunate fact of life.

There are many things we enjoy about our work, but reporting on adversity is not among them.

We know that Marion Countians will reach out in countless ways to everyone who has been affected by recent events. We also know that those efforts, while appreciated, needed and well-intended, may not make the pain go away any faster.

Our hearts go out to all those friends and family who are suffering at this time. Our hope is that everyone will recover - physically and mentally - from the events of the past week.