Bardstown Colonial Days

04/11/2014 - 9:00am - 04/13/2014 - 9:00am

 Bardstown Colonial Days Event includes

Authentic Native American Re-enactments

-Cabin raids, captives running the gauntlet, trade scenarios, and rich historic educational opportunities for the entire family-

BARDSTOWN, KY……..March 27, 2014 -- Historic Bardstown, Kentucky will come alive on April 11-13, 2014, when 18th  century re-enactors from across the region participate in the Fourth Annual Colonial Days Event.  This year, the Native American re-enactors will bring history to life through events that are sure to not only  educate the public, but also prove to be an entertaining, interactive experience. 

The weekend events will start with a mock cabin raid on a frontier  family, where Natives will recreate the capture of a young teenager. The public will be able to watch as Natives drag the young lad through the 18th century village, into the Native territory. History will come alive, as the captive is treated to the traditional run through the gauntlet. The public (women and children) are invited to participate in the test of whether a captive is worthy to be a member of the tribe, or face death( figuratively speaking of course). 

The Saturday & Sunday Native Event Schedule includes: A Trade Scenario on Saturday  at 11:00 am  and Sunday at noon; a Cabin Raid followed by captives running the Gauntlet on both Saturday & Sunday at 2:00 pm. Natives will be reenacting a trade scenario with the French traders. This trade scenario is full of surprises. The public will discover what happens when things go awry and mayhem ensues. 


Several presentations will be given during the reenactment, on Native life. Some of the Native Americans and followers represented will be the Cherokee, Shawnee, Delaware, British Turncoats and the French traders. The public will learn of warfare, the role of the Native women, what Natives ate and how they were entertained by storytelling. 

The public is also invited to participate in trying their skills with primitive bows, (Toma) Hawk, and the throwing of the Atlatl spear. There will be Native American demonstrations on Friday, April 11, Saturday, April 12  and Sunday, April 13.

Re-enactors are also invited to two special Colonial Days events. Tavern Night, which will be held from 4 p.m. until closing on Friday and Saturday evenings at Old Talbott Tavern, the oldest western stagecoach stop in America, dating to 1779. While intended for the re-enactors, those dining at the historic restaurant will see the costumed colonials coming and going from the Old Pub and interacting with diners. 

Native re-enactors are invited to attend a camp feast Saturday night, that will be hosted by War Chief, Jesse Mudd and Peace Mother, Angel Mudd. Meat will be provided, and Native attendees are encouraged to bring a dish for a potluck type setting. 

Return to the 18th century in Bardstown, Kentucky during  the Colonial Days event. Admission is $6/adults and teens; $3/children 12 – 6; children 5 and under free. Interested Participants & Event goers visit:   www.bardstowncolonialdays.com. If interested in participation as a vendor, speaker, performer or re-enactor please view the detailed schedule of events, forms and instructions posted on the website. Period and Modern Camping will be available to all vendors and participants. Hotel accommodations are also available.


Dennis Medley, Event Director; 502-396-5311