Bill Pickerill's candidate questionnaire for the Lebanon City Council

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By The Staff

Name: Bill Pickerill

Age: 46 Educational background: 1980 Graduate of Marion Co. High School, Attended University of Ky  Address: 322 N Spalding Ave   Work Experience: May 1982-May 1995 CarQuest Auto Parts in KY, TN and AR. District sales manager and sales manager May 1995 to current, Pickerill Motor Co. currently President and General Manager, also co-owner Homestead Laserwash, Springfield, Ky, since May 2004.   Family Information: Wife Monica, daughter and son-in-law Hannah and Josh Wemitt, Louisville, Ky.   Organizations (church, civic groups, etc.): St. Augustine, Lebanon-Marion County Rotary Club, Marion Adjustment Center Community Relations Board, US Bank, Central Ky Advisory Board Director, Ky Automobile Dealers Association, Lebanon Main Street Committee, South Central Ky UK Alumnus Association Board Member   1. Why are you running for office?   Have been asked that question often. I love this city and want to give back to the people of this area that has been so good to my family. I am fiscally conservative and will be sure we get the most out of your hard earned tax dollars.   2. What qualifications and experiences have prepared you to serve on the city council?   I am an owner of two small businesses and know what it takes to meet a payroll and work on a tight budget. I have proudly served four terms as city councilman and involved in grassroots work in Frankfort and Washington D.C. I have learned to listen to the citizens of Lebanon, rather than assume that I know what they want.   3. The Lebanon City Council recently approved an animal control ordinance after several months of discussion and a mix of support and criticism from members of the public. Would you support amending the ordinance, why or why not? What factors would affect your decision?   If valid concerns are brought before the council I would consider. I was on the committee and we discussed about every possible scenario and made several changes while we drafted the ordinance. Factors that negatively effect city residents would be considered for amending.   4. E-911 has made headlines in Marion County for more than a decade, and the discussion has been renewed in recent months. Do you favor E-911 for the county? If yes, how should the service be funded, and where should that funding come from? If no, why not?   When this issue was first brought up years ago, I was for it. I am still in favor of E911 but times have changed. Is it as effective with many people going away form landline (home) phones and now using cell phones? This needs to be addressed. I am in favor of the city paying a portion of the equipment but not the ongoing expense of operation. I feel that since Lebanon residents are also county residents tha this should be paid by fiscal court and/or a small fee on landline phones. Cell phones are already paying 75 cents per line which right now benefits counties with E911 but is not coming back to Marion Co.   5. As fuel prices and health care costs continue to climb, they also put a greater strain on the city budget. If this trend continues, what steps should the city take to remain under budget?   During the last budget process, I proposed using bicycles and foot patrols for police officers. The cost for properly equipped bicycles were around $4,000. I still think foot patrols will save money and provide better security. I have for the past three budgets asked for more employee contribution for family, spouse and children health insurance. Currently the city pays over 95 percent of health insurance premiums for family plans and 100 pecent of employees health insurance. Most employers in Lebanon do not pay for family plan or do not provide health insurance.   6. What else would you like voters to know about you?   I am the only city councilman running for re-election that voted against the budget (08-09) that was spending more than revenue generated. I will work for all citizens of Lebanon to make sure that your tax dollars are spent wisely. I can be reached by email, bpickerill@gmail.com, or phone, 692-6053