Board sets final deadline for demolition of Spragens' property

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By Stevie Lowery

After missing two deadlines to demolish his property located at 322 S. Proctor Knott Avenue in Lebanon, Frank Spragens has a final deadline of Jan. 25 to have the demolition complete. If not, the City of Lebanon will do it for him.

The city has cited Spragens for multiple violations of the nuisance property ordinance for his property located at 322 S. Proctor Knott Avenue. The city's property maintenance board originally gave him a deadline of Dec. 2 to demolish the property. However, before that deadline was reached, Spragens presented the city with a contract he'd signed to hire Jackie Moore to tear down the house. So, the city agreed to extend his deadline until Jan. 1. While some rainy weather delayed the demolition, there was another holdup, City Building Inspector John Thompson reported to the city's property maintenance board during a special called meeting Friday. Apparently, Kenny Marrett had talked with Spragens about possibly buying the property, which temporarily stopped demolition work.

According to Thompson, as of Friday's meeting, Spragens had not sold the property.

Bob Tatum, a member of the property maintenance board, made a motion to set the deadline for Spragens to have the demolition and cleanup work completed by Jan. 20, with a five-day extension.

If not, the city will hire Hughes Excavating to clean up the property.