Bradfordsville City Commission: Kathleen Walls

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By The Staff

Mildred Kathleen Walls Age: 88 Educational background: sophomore high school Address: PO Box 123, 201 E. Central Avenue, Bradfordsville, Ky.   Work Experience: 13 years grocery store clerk   Family Information: 6 children, 10 grandchildren   Organizations (church, civic groups, etc.): Bradfordsville Baptist, 30 years served refreshments for Bible School Hospitality Committee, Civic Center Committee, Old Mill Committee, a Kentucky Colonel and city commissioner.   1. Why are you running for office?   I want to work help our town grown and prosper.   2. What qualifications and experiences have prepared you to serve on the city council?   I have already served many years and I do much volunteer work for the town. I try to get along and I try to make the best decisions that I can.

3. What are the most important issues that will be facing Bradfordsville in the next two years? What should the city council do to address those issues?    Getting work started on the old school building.   I want to work with the school committee to get the best job that can be done as soon as it can.   4. What projects, if any, should the city commission consider to improve the city? How should those projects be funded?   We want to try to get a bank and a doctor in the community. We write letters every year to the medical facilities and to the banks in and around this community. Sometimes we have to visit with different people to see if a doctor or a bank might be interested in coming here. We have had some interested in locating here - hopefully soon we will have someone who will want to come here.

5. E-911 has made headlines in Marion County for more than a decade, and the discussion has been renewed in recent months. Do you favor E-911 for the county? If yes, how should the service be funded, and where should that funding come from? If no, why not?   [No answer provided]   6. What else would you like voters to know about you?   I try to be honest and sincere with anybody I deal with - I intend to keep doing that. I speak what I feel about things - I do not try to hide things.