Cabin fever can cause weird activities

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By Shelton Young

Cabin fever has taken a firm hold, so I’ve started to do some fairly weird stuff.
First I cleaned my casting reels, which certainly is not weird in itself. But, apparently practicing my pitching and flipping off the front porch-in the snow-seemed a little strange. I can only gauge this by the reactions I noticed as some of my neighbors drove by.
And yes, this act of pure desperation might well be at least strange. But, I’ll bet that most anglers have made a few casts out their door, in their yard or down the hall.
Be honest, you know you have!
One thing I’ve learned about taking reels apart to clean them is to pay attention! Don’t watch T.V., listen to the radio/wife/kids/etc. or allow any other distraction.
The best way to disassemble a reel is “one piece at a time.” Lay parts out, in sequence, so you can reassemble your reel after cleaning.
You should also make sure you have the “exploded diagram” of your reel just in case you accidentally happen to kick the table you had your parts on and have to spend an hour crawling around on the floor looking for all the little pieces and then can’t remember where they go! It could happen.
Cleaning and “super tuning” a casting reel isn’t really that hard to do and will greatly improve your reel’s performance.
It’s mainly a matter of disassembly, cleaning, polishing surfaces and lubricating. When done correctly you’ll be amazed at the improvement in performance.
If you want to get serious, you can even replace bearings with hi-tech ceramic bearings.
Ceramics can be expensive but make the reel silky smooth and cast like a dream.
When you put an $89-set of bearings in a $200-$400 reel, there had better be an improvement-a big improvement!
You can Google “super tuning fishing reels” and find several sites with instructions.
For those without computers I’m sorry, it’s just too complicated for me to explain without a really long article!
I checked out Green River over the weekend. The water is still low, but a lot higher than it was. It’s up enough to already cover several of the “new” spots I found when it was way down.
All the ramps are now open and there’s no ice–at least there wasn’t any last Saturday!
I was planning on going back Sunday and fish but there was the Super Bowl. There’ll be plenty of other days to fish, but there’s only one Super Bowl per year.
Upcoming events:
• The Mid-Kentucky Bass Anglers/Puddle Jumpers will meet at 6 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 13, at the Lebanon Police Department.
Order of business will be consideration for re-organization and schedule dates/locations for our 2011 season.
Everyone is welcome to attend.
• New outdoor group in town! The Mid-Kentucky Chapter of Delta Waterfowl is up and running.
A sort of a kickoff for this organization is their first banquet at 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 26, at Floral Hall on Fairground Road, here in Lebanon.
The highlights include live and silent auctions, drawings and raffles and much, much more.
Purchase a single meal ticket for $20 or couples for $35. Meal and membership is $40 for a single and $65 for couples. Youth, age 16 and below, is a $10 ticket.
To order tickets or for information, contact Jeremy Sullivan at (270) 699-1202.
• Also scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 26, is a swap meet in Taylorsville. It’ll start at 7 a.m. So you should be able to go to the swap meet and still have time to get back for the Delta Waterfowl Dinner. I’m aiming to make both.
• The Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show runs Feb. 18 through Feb. 27. Address is Indiana State Fairgrounds, 1202 E. 38th St., Indianapolis, Ind.
You can get more information by doing an Internet search. Don’t have a computer? Hang with someone who does.
• Of course the ultimate road trip would be going to the Bass Master Classic in New Orleans, Feb. 18-20.
Some of the Classic will be on ESPN and most will be carried on the Internet. No computer? Hang with someone who does and won’t mind you living with them for several days!
Guess that’s it for now. Get out and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. Stay safe and I’ll see ya next week!