Career and Wellness Day held Oct. 14

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West Marion Elementary held Career & Wellness Day on Friday, Oct. 14. The day was kicked off by career presentation by all fifth grade students. Fifth graders completed a career research project in which they chose a career, conducted research, wrote a report, and completed a presentation throughout the classrooms at West Marion. Fifth graders dressed in the attire for their chosen career.  
At the conclusion of career presentations, WMES students toured the school, rotating through various wellness and safety stations. The stations included Emergency 911/Marion County EMS, Food Guide Pyramid by the Marion County Extension Office, bike safety by the Marion County Extension Office, back pack Safety by Dr. Rod Coxon Chiropractor, farm safety by the Marion County Extension Office, fish and wildlife safety by Shelton Young, gun safety by Marion County Sheriff Jimmy Clements, Inter County electrical safety, drug look-a-like by the Marion County Health Department, Fire Safety by the Loretto Fire Department, Communicare, Elizabethtown Support and Advocacy Center, Nutrition Olympics by PACS NOW, dance aerobics, and cardiovascular health.