Christmas schedule

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By Josh Veatch




With the Christ-mas holiday just behind us, I’m sure most of you, including myself, got your fill of all different kinds of food. Some of us may not even be done yet. With all of those meals this time of year also comes something else; a scheduling nightmare for us in particular. For us to squeeze in all of the ballgames along with the Christmas dinners can drive us crazy at times.
The Knights and Lady Knights are playing in two separate tournaments each over the holiday season. Luckily, three of those four tournaments aren’t too far away, and we hope to be able to provide adequate coverage of those. However, we can’t forget all of our family gatherings that go on during this time of year.  There are times that we attempt to schedule family get-togethers around ball games; doesn’t that sound bad.
Christmas is a holiday that I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to as the year progresses. But, the scheduling problems that it brings can sometimes make you scratch your head. As much as you try to plan everything out, something always seems to come up that throws a wrench into your plans. From the middle of December until the New Year arrives, there really is no such thing as normal.  At least as far as trying to get all of our events squeezed in.  
As if all of the hustle and bustle of scheduling this time of year wasn’t enough, we had an early deadline for turning in this issue.  Our normal deadline is on Monday mornings, but this week we had to have our stuff in by Friday morning.  This may not seem like much of a change, but when you usually use Sunday afternoon to finish up your stories, it’s a big deal.  The biggest hurdle of all is that the Friday we have to turn in our stories is the day before Christmas Eve.
After all, the most important thing during the Christmas season is to spend time with your family. We took our two and a half year old daughter Karli to see the lights at Ruley’s, and she loved it. If you haven’t taken the trip to see the lights, you’re missing out. Isn’t it great when kids love small things, and don’t always have to have the biggest and newest thing out there?
There will be plenty of time for us to spend time with our families during this holiday season. We can sit back and reflect over the year that we’ve had with our families, and tell stories for hours. This is what I love about this time of year, even after the crazy schedules that we have to keep.  
As 2011 closes out, I hope that all of you had a prosperous year and hope that 2012 will bring even better things than 2011 did. Merry Christmas and happy New Year.