Closing in on 3,000 points

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By Josh Veatch

Well, it’s me again. Jessica got a bit tied up with our 3-year-old who was pretending to not feel good in order to sleep in the bed with mommy. Well, that worked for Karli, so here I am typing a column.

Before I dive into my column, let me say one thing; you can never say that anything is a “sure thing”. However, there are a few things in life that you can feel safe about placing the tag of “sure thing” on. The particular item that I feel is a “sure thing” is that senior Makayla Epps will eclipse the 3,000-point mark in her career at Marion County High School.

Wait a minute, 3,000 points is a lot and there has to be a story behind how all those points came to be. Epps started playing at the varsity level in the sixth grade, and scored 63 points that year. I’m sure that at the time, 3,000 was the farthest thing from anybody’s mind, but after 212 career games and counting, that’s where we’re headed.

Epps progressed to score 214 points for the varsity squad in her seventh grade year, 446 points as an eighth grader, 571 points each in her freshman and sophomore seasons, and 639 points last season as a junior. A quick check with my Casio sitting on my desk beside my keyboard tells me that all added up equals 2,504 points.

Ok, so 2,504 seems like a long way from 3,000, and it is. Epps currently has scored 221 points this season as of the championship win over Bowling Green in the Republic Bank Classic. With a current grand total of 2,725 points, she sits just 225 points shy of 3,000. Supposing Epps continues on her current pace of 22 points per game, in about 12 games we should see history.

Man, this column turned into one of those math problems that you see on a college exam. Not what I thought it would turn into, but if I haven’t lost you yet, let me break it down for you.

There have been 19 girls basketball players in the state of Kentucky to break the 3,000 point mark since 1975, and none of them have come from Marion County, at least not all the way. Tacarra Hayes is one of those 19 players, but she didn’t play her full career at MCHS. Epps is a home grown talent that has more points than anyone else who has ever played at MCHS, boys or girls, and has her sights set on becoming the 20th member of the elite club.

The 2,504 career points that Epps had at the end of her junior season already places her in the all-time Kentucky record book in 67th place, and she has all of this season to add to that total. The 2,725 currently places her in 43rd place, and she’s climbing.

I vote we start a ticker that is at the beginning of each girls basketball story that tells how many points away she is at the end of each week until she breaks the record. As for all of you that think this would add pressure to Epps as she heads toward 3,000, let me share this with you. She has been texting me after each game with her point total, just to make sure that our number away from 3,000 agrees. I think she’s aware of what she’s about to accomplish.