Coyotes can created problems for pet owners and hunters

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By Shelton Young

No matter how you feel about them, you sometimes have to deal with them.
Do you love your small pets?like cats and small dogs? Do you think you should only hunt what you intend to eat? Or maybe you believe in not hunting at all?just let nature take its own course.
But maybe if something's really dangerous, it can/should be dealt with! This is a dilemma for some?for others it's a small choice.
What I'm talkin' about are coyotes. Over the last several years they've just about taken over?and lost some fear of man.
Such was the case last week. I met with a lady who luckily is a realist. She doesn't believe in shooting animals, but needed a coyote "dealt with".
Seems that coyote not only came close to the house, he made a bed out of some material on her front porch. The coyote proceeded to eat the lady's dog food?and just made himself at home.
Now if this lady hadn't had a couple of small dogs and a cat she wouldn't have worried about the coyote?but she feared for her pets.
O.K., you may ask why she didn't bang on a pan or something and scare the coyote off? Maybe she did, I didn't think to ask. But from past experience I'd venture to say it wouldn't have done any good!
So, I "dealt with" her coyote. When I drove up to her house I was met by the coyote!
No fear, just curious. He looked at me, I looked at him. By the time I got my rifle out he'd left but I figured he'd be back sooner or later. Turned out to be sooner?about five minutes was all it took.
He was then dealt with!
I've seen coyotes in Lebanon suburbs and even on Main Street in the middle of town. We know what coyotes will do to small pets and deer if given the chance. Wonder what they'd do to a small child?
Coyotes have simple diets?they'll simply eat anything. Dogs, cats, fawns, injured bucks, calves?simply anything.
Used to be if you had a marginal?or even good?hit on a deer during an evening hunt you'd be encouraged to leave them for the night, come back in the morning and track'em  down.
Now I encourage you to track them pretty soon after the shot?about an hour. Why? Leave one overnight and the coyotes are likely to get at him. By the next morning there may not be much left of your deer.
Won't happen here? Well, it has!
I'm not sayin' you can't wait to track you deer. Not sayin' it won't be O.K. when you find him. Just sayin' I wouldn't wait!

Our 2012 Mid-KY Bass Anglers season is not over.
Last Saturday and Sunday we held our annual two-day classic. On Friday evening some of the club members met at Wendy's to draw for Saturday's tournament location. (I missed the draw?granddaughter's birthday party). Anyway, Green River was drawn. I'd rather have fished Taylorsville but it was the "luck of the draw" and couldn't have been fairer!
Saturday had us launching from Lone Valley at 7 a.m. it was raining and cold but some bass were caught.
After the weigh-in Stacy Benningfield and Joe Hickey led the pack with a first day total of 7.84-pounds. Hot on their heels was the team of Jimmy Spalding and Mike Smith with 7.78 pounds. That was a difference of a mere .06-pound. Big bass for day one was 3.01 taken by the team of Danny Marcum and Brad Taylor (I don't know which one caught the bass?sorry)!
As a side note: Jimmy Spalding and Mike Smith had to tow Jason Spalding in after he ran out of gas. Then they came back and got John and me, who had a dead trolling motor and starter batteries.
Right before Saturdays launch John drew from the hat for Sundays location. He drew Springfield Reservoir. I don't usually catch bass at Springfield and neither does John. *O.K. I hear the laughter?John and I seem to catch bass anywhere!
Anyway, Springfield it was?but it was decided not to launch till 7:30 a.m.!
Day two started out cold?and stayed that way! But, at least it wasn't raining!
Springfield Reservoir fished small and after the launch John and I found ourselves all alone on the section of the lake closest to the ramp. Everybody else was crammed into one small section off the shallow end. *Maybe that should have told us something?but it didn't!
Anyway, it never rained and we even had a few moments of sunshine later in the day. And, John and I caught bass?not enough, but they were bass!
At the weigh-in Jason Spalding and Robbie Morgan showed up with an 8.63-pound bag and the day two big bass at 2.41-pounds. This 8.63 was added to their 2.87-pounds from day one for an 11.50-pound two-day total which landed them in third place. It was quite a comeback but just too late. As Jason said, 'ya can't win on day one but you sure can lose!" A great comeback, just a little short!
With a 7.78-pounds on day one Jimmy Spalding and Mike Smith were within striking distance of a classic victory. But, their second day total of 5.62 gave them a 13.40-pound total for a very respectable second place.
The team of Stacy Benningfield and Joe Hickey put on a demonstration in consistency. They took day one on Green River with a 7.84-pounds glenned from around 30 "secret spots" which gave them a .06-pound?which isn't much?lead.
Day two they had 8.25-pounds. This gave them a total weight of 16.09-pounds and cinched a well-earned first place in the Classic. *This was also the highest Classic weight to date!
Stacy Benningfield and Joe Hickey, 2012 Mid-KY Bass Anglers Classic winners?and they also took Angler of the Year honors. Very impressive.

Guess that's it for now. Get out, enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, stay safe and I'll see ya next week!