Deer season is a good time to get out of a 'rut'

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By Shelton Young

It's finally here! This Saturday, Nov. 10, thru Nov. 19 we can hunt with any center fire weapon.
Course that's us?Marion County?in Zone 3. You can hunt till the 24th in Zones 1 and 2 so get a "Kentucky Hunting & Trapping Guide" to find those counties in 1 and 2!
Those of you lucky enough to have spent a substantial amount of time in the woods know we're in the middle of a rut right now.
I say "a rut" cause I think there's more than one rut each year. Course if I was a "pro" I'd say we have a pre-rut, rut and post rut period.
But, that would mean deer get ready to breed, then breed, then forget about it! I just don't buy into that. I think different does come into heat?and get bred?over about a two to three month period.
But, that's just my opinion.
I've been lucky in that I've spent five to six days a week in the woods since June. I've watched the temperatures go from the hundreds to the thirty something's. I've seen the leaves change then fall. And, I've seen rubs and scrapes since October.
For three weeks the deer have annihilated my feeders?consuming a little over 250 pounds of corn. That's about 125 pounds per feeder?a feeder from a 3-foot piece of 3-inch pipe.
You should already have your area(s) scouted and hopefully found your own rub lines and scrapes. You should have a fairly good idea of where your deer bed and feed. And, your stands should have already been set, with an eye toward the wind direction. When possible, always hunt with the wind in your face. This is a little easier to do when using a climbing stand. Just pre-determine the trees you'll use.
Considering how air moves you'll want to hunt high in the morning and low in the evening! Just remember to "follow the sun"?it comes up in the morning and goes down in the evening.
So should you, if possible!
- Just found out we've been drawn to hunt Ft. Knox again this year. If my math is correct this is our 15th year of being drawn!
I say we because for all these years I've had the privilege of hunting with my sons. So it's not so much the hunt as it is the trip. We meet up, eat, spend the night then do it all again the next day. And sometimes we even get a deer!
Took the 30.06 out Sunday to sight it in. Or rather, to confirm it's sighted in. Shot at 50 and it was just a tad high. At 100 yards it was 2 inches high. That should cover any distance I'll be shooting.
One more shot at 100 yards and it held a consistent 2 inches high. I am now ready to go.
Sighting in has become pretty predictable. When my kids gave me the gun I bought a Bushnell scope and Leupold mounts. Mounted everything and sighted it in. That was ten years ago. I haven't touched any adjustment since then?for ten years it's been dead on!
- Since I hunt from a tree stand, the wife insisted that I get a "quality" safety harness. I have those that came with my stand but upon reading the directions carefully I discovered a thing called "weight rating".
And it wasn't as high as needed. So I got a new "muddy" with a higher rating.
Actually, I'd never been a fan of safety harnesses until a few years ago.I was climbing up a ladder stand about 4 p.m. when the ladder started to twist. When I woke up I was flat on my back ... on the ground.
If you've ever been in that position the first thought you have is "what works"! OK that's not your first thought, but this is a family newspaper. As you lay there you take inventory: Left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm, back, neck, head. There is a feeling of relief when it's learned that all that was damaged was your dignity!
I was fortunate?and lucky! Many in the same situation aren't!
So, get a good safety harness and use it faithfully. Just think, you're only one misstep away from being a cripple or paralyzed.
- Guess that's it for now. Get out and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. Above all be safe out there. Good hunting, good luck. I'll see ya next week!