Destined to write

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By Stephen Lega

When Nathaniel Weathers was 13 years old, he started working on the first of what became a series of eight stories. Last week, Weathers received his first published copies of the first of those stories.

"The Dark Nemesis" is the first in his series, The Destiny of the Lords of Power.

Weathers, now 20, traces his interest in writing back to the first grade, and his first-grade teacher at West Marion Elementary School, Menla Marlowe.

"She's the one that inspired me to write stories," he said.

Mary Ann Blair, Weathers' mother, recalled that one of his assignments was to write sentences using his spelling words. Blair said Weathers would write multiple sentences.

With encouragement from his parents, Blair and William Martin Weathers, Weathers continued to write. At first they were short stories, just a few pages long. As he got older and his writing continued to improve, the stories became longer and longer.

"I have them all at home in a folder," Blair said.

Around the time he started high school, he started working on his first series.

"I had a concept of good versus evil," Weathers said. "It was based off a dream I had, a nightmare, so to speak."

Weathers worked on the Destiny of the Lords of Power series for about five years, finishing when he was 17. In his stories, the Obliviator, a creature so massive that 100 Earths could fit inside the iris of one of his eyes, has been trapped by an ancient bond. Only the Lords of Power (some are good, some are evil) can free him. In "The Dark Nemesis", the Obliviator comes to Earth. Drake Williams, a recent high school graduate, becomes a Lord of Power, which pits him against Dusk, the Lord of Darkness, who wants to destroy the Earth.

His book has been published through Outskirts Press, which is based in Parker, Colo.

Weathers said his writing improved as a student at Marion County High School, where Jim O'Hare taught him about editing and varying his sentence structure. He also credited one of his ROTC instructors, Major Wayne Eccles, for further encouraging his creative writing.

Wal-mart, where Weathers works, may also have a book-signing event in the near future. Weathers is also studying graphic design at ITT Technical Institute in Lexington, and he put his training to use in creating the artwork for his book.

While he may have finished writing his first series, he continues to work on other stories and series for hours each day. Weathers said he was ecstatic about publishing his first book, but he doesn't intend it to be his last.

"I hope to inspire others to go about their own dreams," he said.

His mother is understandably proud.

"I know what it took to get this," she said. "I know how hard he worked on it."

Marion County native Nathaniel Weathers has published his first book, "The Dark Nemesis," the first story in The Destiny of the Lords of Power series. The Dark Nemesis can be purchased online at www.outskirtspress.com and through amazon.com. Interested readers can also contact Weathers through Facebook or in person.