Do you need assistance with your heating costs?

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Beginning Monday January 13, 2014, your local Community Action Office will be assisting families of low-income with the LIHEAP CRISIS Program.
To be eligible for Crisis funds you must be in a heating crisis.  You must have a past due/disconnect notice from the electric or natural gas company or be out of bulk fuel within 4 days if using propane, fuel oil or kerosene, or wood, or a formal eviction notice from your landlord if heating expenses are included in the rent.
The family income level must be at or below the 130% federal poverty level. The benefit levels are no more than $250.00 up to $400.00 for natural gas or electric and/or up to 200 gallons of propane, fuel oil or kerosene or 2 cords of wood. Based on the availability of funding.
You will need to bring; proof of income for the entire family for the previous month, and social security numbers, birth dates for all in household, and a past due/disconnect notice or bulk fuel statement. Applicants heating with propane, fuel oil, kerosene or wood must verify their physical address.