Don’t rush the holidays, take in fall

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What is your take on Thanks-giving? In my daily reader by Billy Graham he says the Pilgrim Fathers in 1620 could have known nothing of how bountiful prosperity was going to be hundreds of years later. They were so thankful for what they had at the time for just survival. He says they were marked by a spirit of thankfulness for the fish they caught, the wild food, and venison for food. Billy Graham says according to today’s standards the pilgrims had very little but they possessed a sense of gratitude.
Thanksgiving was sure celebrated at the Bradfordsville Senior Center this week. I have always heard the rumor that if you want to have good food go to Bradfordsville. Let me tell you, there was a spread of turkey and the trimmings like you would not believe this past Thursday for lunch at the senior center. There were not two dishes of the same of anything.
I cannot believe for how long and how many Christmas decorations I have already seen adorning some houses. There was not enough time after Halloween to have even thought about Thanksgiving for some.
Come on folks. Look out and around at the fall of the year. Look at the beauty of the trees and leaves making their way back to prepare slowly through the winter for a new beginning in the spring.
Christmas decorations are up early some said to beat the weather. One said I leave my lights up all the time but not on until after Thanksgiving. And yes, I am sure you notice the houses that do have them hanging year round also.
Our annual Christmas party for seniors will be at the Bradfordsville Senior Center gym on Sunday, Dec. 8 from 2-4ish. There is going to be Christmas caroling with Kandice Spalding and some youth choir, door prizes, Bingo games, and lunch. Cost will be $1 per person plus a non-perishable item to be donated to Community Action.
We are going to have a grand opening of the new center on Sunday, Dec. 15 from 2-5. Come by and see for yourself the beautiful new Loretto Senior Center. Refreshments and snacks will be served. And if you are 55+ ask about membership for the senior club. I have had so many say they want to present some interesting and fun time programs for the center. The committee is working on schedules and agendas now.
I have a trip going into the JFK and Cape Cod area June 21-29. That is on a Saturday through the next Sunday.  Call me at 270-699-9898 for a flyer if you are interested as a deposit is due in February.
Happy Thanksgiving and as Billy Graham says lets all pray and ask for a fresh spirit of gratitude-not just at this season of the year but for always.