Donations are needed for new renovated center

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I am not a big time gambler but I would be willing to bet on a saying that the majority says at least once a week “where has the week gone”, can you believe it is Monday morning again, or where is the time going to”?
March has flown in on us with the time springing up that hour already. Get ready for the first day of spring next week. Nice to have already enjoyed a few spring like days.
Clusters of lilies are popping up and getting ready for the Easter season. Flox is greening up in their circles. Makes you want to get out and play in the dirt.
St. Baldrick’s has kicked into high gear for Marion County. Loretto held their first St. Baldrick’s event. It was in honor of Renee Donahue who lost her life last year. The event raised $5,200 plus for St. Baldrick’s. Thanks for all donations, support and help of any kind for the event. They ended the evening with ‘we will be bigger next year”.
Community supporting a worthy cause for a disease that shies from no family. St. Baldrick’s primary goal is toward a cure for children’s cancer. Come to the hair shaving day for St. Baldrick’s Saturday, March 23 at St. A school and help support the cause.
Last month I told you of the success of our Dec. bake sale and this month we are being presented with our check for our works. I would like again to personally thank Donnie Miles at Loretto Foodland, Jeff Nalley with Modern Woodmen and the seniors.
Speaking of seniors some of us have tip-toed through the new center being renovated. It is going to be nice. A few of us attended a meeting with LTADD, the contractors, and Loretto city hall officials to learn some details on the center. They said possible opening by first to middle of April. Stay tuned.
We are asking for donation of any tables, desks, lamps, any office type item. We will have an exercise room that will want a bicycle or two. A couch and chairs with a TV will look good in the sitting room. Pots and pans for those social events we want to host for new membership drives. As you can see we will need, and certainly appreciate, any item that is still usable and you want to give away for a good cause.
Also, in order to succeed as I have said before we will definitely need some programs with volunteers to help keep the center going. There is going to be a craft, exercise, computer, and library room. There is a kitchen for cooking for some classes. We already have someone who has volunteered to do a quilting class. Think about what your expertise is and come and get involved.
If there is a program or something special you would like to bring to us call (270) 699-9898. We want a full calendar every month.
A day trip is planned to French Lick in Indiana for Thursday, April 18. Cost is $39 which includes your transportation and lunch. We will be leaving Loretto at 7:45 a.m. and Lebanon at 8 a.m.
Total payment for the Mackinac trip in June is due April 1. Packets will be mailed the middle of May with all the information you will need while on the trip.