Duck Dynasty, coyote hunt and a merry Christmas

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By Shelton Young

I thought I wouldn’t be writing again before Christmas but then I got the message, “early deadline.”

So I turned in one article for Monday, and now I’m writing for a Friday turn in! What happens in four days? Well, to be honest, not much!

I did see where Phil Robertson, the daddy of Duck Dynasty, was being dropped for his response to a question he was asked.

Apparently his response upset a very small minority and it seems that “hurt their feelings,” A&E dropped Phil!

It should be noted that Phil was a millionaire prior to being on TV and the Duck Dynasty program is the highest rated program of that type on TV! I doubt Phil really cares what A&E, or anybody else, thinks of his views.

It’s just a shame that one’s “Freedom of Speech depends on what you have to say.” Ya see, Phil expresses his Christian beliefs and it seems that just can’t be done any longer in our society. Of course ya can’t pray in school, acknowledge a belief in God or have the Ten Commandments posted, cause it might “offend” someone!


Got a request from Delta Waterfowl, sponsors of an upcoming coyote hunt, to mention the hunt in my article. 

So again, there’ll be a Central Kentucky-wide predator hunt on Saturday, Jan. 25.

It’s $50 per two man (person) team. You’re encouraged to register early. And, if you register prior to Jan. 10 you’ll receive a tee shirt.

You can register at Deep’s Guns and Archery, Crazy Horse Archery in Campbellsville, Curtsinger’s in Danville, Gun Shop in Greensburg and just about anywhere else in Central Kentucky.

Marion County is the center for all the activity. At 7 p.m. the final weigh-in will be held at Floral Hall at the Marion County Fairgrounds.

Also at 7 p.m., or there about, there’ll be a meal served for all participants.

I already had other plans for that day but will have somebody there to do a story on the event.


In keeping with my contributions to your holiday gift list: If you don’t already have a gift purchased, it’s probably too late, except for that last minute rush to pick up a gift card!


At least I get another opportunity to wish you and yours a Merry and safe Christmas!


Guess that’s it for now. Get out, enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, stay safe and I’ll see ya next week!