Early Files 2-23-11

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75 years ago
March 6, 1936
State road aid
Marion County will receive $15,231.58 annually to be spent for improvements of county roads under supervision of the State Highway Dept., according to a dispatch received here yesterday from Frankfort.

County free of debt
Marion County joined the ranks of the few Monday when Fiscal Court authorized payment of a note, representing the last outstanding debt of the county. This is the first time in years the county has neither floating nor bonded in debtedness, and is but one of five counties in the state so unencumbered.

50 years ago
March 2, 1961
We’ll wait and see
A state agency believes that Lebanon will grow to a city of some 8,300 persons in the next 20 years. That estimate of the city’s growth potential comes from the Planning & Zoning Division of the State Department of Economic Development.

Freak snowstorm
Lebanon and Marion County were virtually paralyzed Saturday by a freakish storm which dumped five to seven inches of snow over most of Central Kentucky. This, combined with high winds which drifted the snow in places to depths of several feet, brought motor traffic to all but a complete standstill.

25 years ago
March 18, 1986
High winds
Violent winds ripped through the northern portion of the county in the early hours of March 11, missing roofs and chimneys around like tinker toys and smashing barns and outbuildings. At least two Marion countians are certain that the damage to their property was caused by the winds of a funnel cloud.

5 years ago
March 18, 2006
St. Joe receives grant
The small community of St. Joe hit the jackpot last week.
Gov. Ernie Fletcher and the Governor’s Office for Local Development announced Thursday that Marion County would receive more than $200,000 in grant money to be used for a new community center in St. Joe.
“It will be a resource for the community,” said St. Joe Community Center President Barry Brady.