Extreme Makeover: Dog Edition

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By Stevie Lowery

I could barely see his eyes when he showed up on my doorstep.
His long, stringy hair covered most of his face. His coat was wet and covered in mud. Parts of his body were covered with huge mounds of matted hair.
He was very quiet, and seemed frightened. He wouldn’t let me get too close.
I assumed he was hungry so I brought him some dog food, which he spilled all over the ground. Desperate to feed this poor animal, I found some country ham leftover from Christmas in my refrigerator, which he wolfed down as fast as I could give it to him.
This pitiful creature was the fourth dog in a year to be dumped like unwanted trash near my home. Two of those lost souls have become my pets. Their names are Sparky and Ruffy. I found a loving home for the third one. So, what do I do with No. 4? This dog was, by far, the most neglected and pitiful creature I had ever seen. I was almost afraid to pet him because he was in such deplorable shape. But, I couldn’t just abandon him. He’d already been abandoned once. I couldn’t do that to him again. What would that say about me, and my character, if I just turned my back on this animal that desperately needed my help? I’m better than that. I couldn’t turn my back on him. I just couldn’t. He needed me.
So, I quickly called Wilson’s Mobile Pet Grooming Service, scheduled an emergency appointment to get him cleaned up, made a bed for him in my garage and he comfortably slept there for the night.
The next day was transformation day for this dog that I lovingly named Scruffy. I couldn’t wait to see what this dog looked like underneath all of that disgusting matted hair. When Sherri of Wilson’s Mobile Pet Grooming Service arrived at my home, she immediately went to work. Every half hour or so I would go outside and peek through the window of the van to see how Scruffy was doing. Sherri and her husband were busily working and couldn’t see me, so I just stood there in the cold and silently watched. Sherri’s husband lovingly petted Scruffy while Sherri worked on removing the matted hair. Scruffy was so calm, as if he’d done this before. This might sound so silly, but my eyes literally welled up with tears as I watched them work on this precious creature. They were helping give this dog a new lease on life.
After three hours of shaving, washing, clipping, cleaning and trimming, it was time for the big reveal. I nearly fell down my steps hurrying to answer my door to greet Sherri and the new and improved Scruffy. And, as cliché as it sounds, I couldn’t believe my eyes. He literally looked like a different dog. It was truly unbelievable. If there was an “Extreme Makeover: Dog Edition” on television Scruffy could be one of its success stories.
And, not only did he look and smell good, but he was also in seemingly good health. He has one broken rib, but apparently it was broken a long time ago because it doesn’t seem to hurt him. Aside from that, he is perfect. He is very friendly, loving and well mannered. He even gets along well with my cat, Biscuit. And, he seems very comfortable inside my home, which leads me to believe he’s been someone’s pet before. In fact, I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but after he was groomed and cleaned up I not only let him stay in the house, but I also let him sleep right beside me in my bed. He curled up and slept all night. He never moved. Never made a peep. And, as I laid there laughing at myself for allowing this abandoned dog in my bed, I desperately wished he could talk. I can only imagine the stories he could tell. Where is he from? Who abandoned him? Does he have any brothers or sisters? If so, have they also been discarded like trash?
Thankfully, Scruffy has an entirely new life ahead of him now - a life full of love and affection and praise.
As for the low-life losers who abandoned him, I have a question. Can humans get mange? If so, I hope you get a severe case of it. Actually, no, that’s just my anger talking. I don’t wish any ill will towards you. I actually pity you. Because of your ignorance, you will miss out on the unconditional love of man’s best friend. You will never experience the peaceful feeling of a dog curled up beside you sound asleep. You will never be greeted by loving paws jumping up on you when you arrive home from a long day of work. You will never be blessed with the companionship that one can only experience with a dog. What a shame. But, your loss is my gain.