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By Jessica Veatch

Well, as some of you may already know or heard about, this is the last week that you will see Josh and me in the sports section. We have decided to step down from our position, with this being our last issue. For me, this is a bittersweet decision. I will truly miss all of the sports that I have been covering, but on the other hand, I will have more time to spend with my family and my schedule will not be nearly as hectic. As I have written about several times throughout our time working for The Lebanon Enterprise, I have had to keep a day planner on top of my printer at home, writing down all of the games, meets and matches that are happening throughout each week. I then went through each week on the planner, deciding which events I could attend and trying to make sure each sport was getting coverage that week. It will definitely be different not having to keep a planner and having most every night of the week open for whatever I may choose to do.
There have been so many parts of this job that I have enjoyed so much in the two and a half years that we have been covering Marion County sports. First of all, I have enjoyed getting to know the athletes of each particular sport, and the coaches that I have met and got to know have been great to us. Some coaches have had to really help me with their particular sport, as I was not as familiar with the terminology and the way to write up those events. The coaches have really provided us with great information and quotes to include in our stories each and every week. And the athletes of course have been so photogenic, some of them just so excited to hopefully get their picture in the paper.
Secondly, this job has allowed me to attend many sporting events with a great seat that I would have never had otherwise. Of course, getting to sit on the floor at the three girls’ basketball state tournaments is something I will never forget. Some people would say that I am crazy, but one of my favorites is getting to be right on the sidelines at football games. I definitely had to stay alert so as not to get tackled, but being right by the action was right up my alley. Just being right on the sidelines, on the court, or inside the fields has really helped me capture some great shots, and I hope you have enjoyed those pictures and the stories we have provided.
So there you have it, my trademark ending for the last time in a column as I say farewell.
I want to thank Stevie and the staff at the Enterprise for believing that we could do the job when they hired us, and for me especially, believing that I could take the quality pictures needed. Thanks to everyone that has complimented us on our writing throughout these years.
It really meant a lot to us to hear the positive remarks on a job we loved to do and worked hard at to provide coverage of every sport. I will really miss the photography side of the job, but I will value the extra time I will have at home. However, don’t be surprised if you see me or my family at a sporting event here and there in the future. Love of sports will always be a part of me.