Feeling fine despite the pink slime

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By Larry Rowell

It was widely reported recently that companies that process ground beef for retail grocery stores add pink slime.
Pink slime is basically beef trimmings that have been sprayed with ammonia to kill the e. coli and salmonella germs in the trimmings.
ABC TV News showed people all upset because they weren't aware of what was being added to the meat.
I really don't have a problem with these added beef trimmings. I've probably eaten it for years and thus far, I'm feeling just fine.
The United States Food and Drug Administration stated that the beef trimmings are not harmful, even if they do receive a spritz of ammonia.
And ABC News reported that the trimmings are in 70 percent of the ground beef purchased in the grocery store.
Think about what's been reported over the years as being harmful.
I am old enough to remember when biscuits, chicken, pies and cakes were all cooked with rendered pig fat called lard.
In the 1960s, the medical community roundly denounced lard as not being heart healthy and volia, on the scene comes solid vegetable shortening, which was full of hydrogenated, or trans fats.
"Pure vegetable shortening" then became the health-conscious rage. Now, doctors say that trans fats are killing us.
But now they're saying that lard, in moderation, isn't as harmful as they first thought.
I do know this - the finest meal in the world consists of chicken fried in lard, mashed potatoes made with real butter and whole milk, boiled okra or green beans cooked in bacon fat and a pie whose crust was made with lard.
Most heart doctors may not agree but that's their business.
Not too many years ago, some scientist somewhere stated that frying hamburger caused cancer. If that's the case, I should have been on life support years ago.
I love hamburgers and meatloaf - there's no better way to cook ground beef than in those two dishes.
And there's something about the smell and taste of hamburger cooking over an open fire that stimulates the taste buds and appetite.
However, I believe in pure old hamburgers, not stuffed with anything or adorned with mushrooms and swiss gravy, slaw, chili, onion rings, or anything besides lettuce, mayonnaise, raw sweet onion, and a slice of tomato.
As far as pink slime is concerned, I'll continue to buy my ground beef in the grocery store, trusting that the FDA is watching out for our welfare when it comes to food additives.
If I see an elephant fall over dead after eating a meat loaf sandwich, I might get concerned.
But in the meantime, I brought meat loaf for lunch so I'm going to enjoy it, even if I'm not sure what all's in it.
Editor's note: Larry Rowell is a staff writer for The Casey County News in Liberty.