First bass tournament winners announced

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By Shelton Young

 In case you wondered why I didn’t put the winners of last week’s Mid-KY Bass Anglers Tournament, there’s a simple explanation.

As I was writing my mind got side-tracked and I forgot. Oh, I could have come up with something that would’ve been believable. But, those who know me know I am, at best, a little “flighty”, so just saying “I forgot” is still the most believable.

Anyway, I forgot!

So here it is: In first place with a total of 4.67 pounds was the team of Stacey Benningfield and Joe Hickey. They also had the day’s big bass weighing in at 2.18 pounds. In second place with a weight of 3.96 pounds was the team of Jason Spalding and Gary Wilkerson. Third place was taken with a bag of 2.71 pounds by the team of Donnie Hafley and Mike Veatch.


Last week I posed a question to you: How do you handle a situation where a duck — a looflirpa duck —takes a lure — a plastic worm?

Got several responses from “Take a chance and jerk the worm” to “Try to catch the duck and remove the worm.” Even had one that said “Follow the duck to see where it goes and if it drops the worm.”

Of course most of you figured out pretty quick that a looflirpa duck was simply April Fools! But, if I got you, it was, as the kids say, “Totally worth it.”


Sorry this article is so short. Had page one written early and planned to finish it later.

But, my son had an emergency and I had to go to Somerset.


That’s it for now. Get out, enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, stay safe and I’ll see ya next week!