Fishing season is just around the corner

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By Shelton Young

Your 2011 Kentucky Hunting/Fishing License expired at midnight on Wednesday, Feb. 29. So, time to renew!
The Ky. Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is primarily funded by your hunting/fishing license fees, permits you purchase and some money from taxes you pay on hunting and fishing equipment.
No general tax money goes to the KDFWR. So, in truth, as outdoorsmen and women, we pay our own way.
I take a certain amount of pride in that!

For years certain "groups" have, so far, only attempted to curtail our Second Amendment right to bear arms.
Course you know which side of that argument I stand on!
As of now, we can still own guns. But have you priced ammunition lately? It's gone up and up with no end in sight.
Now retailers are just passing along the increased cost to them, it's business. But, I don't know what exactly is driving the price increase. I know powder, lead and brass, for re-loaders, is also up! But why?
If I was real paranoid I might think "They haven't been able to take our guns so, are they trying to make it too expensive to shoot them?" And who are "they?"
But, that's just me, if I was getting paranoid!

Went to the Indianapolis Outdoor Expo with Terry Davis last weekend.
To simply say it puts the Louisville Sport, Boat and Vacation Show to shame would be an understatement!
There is absolutely no comparison! There were vendors, from Kentucky, who "Don't waste their time and money" signing up at the Louisville show. But, they go to the Indianapolis and Cincinnati shows! "Somebody" needs to pay attention!

We're getting' real close to "fishing season." Now I know we're probably going to get some bad weather. March has "transitional" weather then things begin to stabilize in April. So, even "bad" won't last long!
Now notice that when we talk about our local weather, words like "probably" and "usually" are just that. "Unpredictable" is much more appropriate!
Anyway, going to shows and swap meets really gets one "in the mood" and knowing there'll soon be some "good days" creates almost uncontrollable anticipation.
Last weekend I hit the Taylorsville Swap Meet and the Bass Pro Shops' Classic Sale. At Taylorsville I found my friend Chris Royalty has started making/selling jigs and Alabama style rigs.
I don't get anything "at cost" and I'm not "sponsored" by Chris so I can, without reservation, tell ya that he has stuff! You can reach him at (859) 481-2399.

Water temps are in the 40s by some reports I've heard. This means, to me, that the "pre-spawn" isn't too far off. And on its heels will be the spawn.
Pre-spawn bass "stage" on points before moving into the spawning flats and Carolina rigs and crank can be productive. My favorite lure for the pre-spawn is a jerkbait. *Jerkbait: Long, slender crankbait with a small bill. I like a suspending model with the rear treble hook dressed with a feather.
Colors are "natural shad" for clear water, "clown" for dingy water and "firetiger" for really dirty water.
Make a long cast, reel four or five times then pause. Retrieve cadence may be jerk, jerk, pause or any combination or jerks and pauses that works. Just experiment with the rhythm. *The colder the water the longer the pauses.
Prepare to have a worn out wrist, from jerkin' and hopefully fightin' a big bass!
When there's a lot of wind and/or chop on the water I'll throw a spinnerbait. I use either white and chartreuse or chartreuse and white. Chrome willowleaf and small gold Colorado blades complete the setup.
That's just me! But also consider, I don't catch a lot of fish!

If you follow fishing at all you probably have heard of the Alabama rig and the controversy surrounding it.
The rig is simply a head, with several wires (usually 5) about eight to ten inches long sticking out from it. On the end of each wire is a bait, usually a swimbait of some sort.
Different states have different regulations regarding the number of lures you can use. In KY it's five.
Now B.A.S.S. doesn't not allow the rig to be used in some of their tournaments. Other organizations are still "discussing" the issue.
My thoughts: If the state allows it, then it should be allowed!
And again that's just my opinion, you're entitled to yours.

Been watching the 2012 Bassmaster Classic on my computer. They were fishing Louisianna's Red River with the launch, expo and weigh-ins at Shreveport. I remembered several of the locations the pros fished from when we fished there several years ago as part of Kentucky's Federation Nation Team.
Now I really have an itch to fish!

That itch will be scratched come March 18. That's when the Mid-KY Bass Anglers will host our Cabin Fever Open on Fagan Branch.
Watch here and at www.midkybass.com, for details.

That's it for now. Get out, enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, stay safe and I'll see ya next week!