Fishing slob gets organized

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By Shelton Young

Big derby weekend coming up. For a lot of us this means “Derby parties.” Whether you have a horse to bet on, or just taking an opportunity to hang with some friends, please be safe!
Along with the parties will be some alcohol consumption by many. I don’t pass judgment, as long as you’re of age. So, all I’ve got to say is if you drink don’t ruin a great time by driving!
The turkey hunting has been on my back burner for the last week. Meetings, doctor visits and the weather sure cut into my hunting.
Having heard of any of my buddies taking a turkey either! So, maybe I haven’t missed much. Like I believe that!
With the rain knocking out my hunting I took the opportunity to organize my fishing gear. I was amazed! When I started on my plastics I sorted by color first. Then I went with size and function. So what was so amazing about that?
Well, I found there were several partial packs that were identical. Long story short: Out of a dozen partial packs I consolidated and had three and a half “full packs.”
What did I find when I “organized” my plastics? Other than discovering I’m a slob, I found out I only use basically two colors: brown and black.
Spinnerbaits were two colors: white, chartreuse and white/chartreuse. And there were two sizes: 1/4-ounce and 1/2-ounce. Some had willow leaf blades, some had Colorado blades and some had willow leaf and Colorado blades. Anyway, they were all sorted and are now ready to go.
Next came the crankbaits. Size, color, running depth, rattling and silent. Putting it that way it appears to be simple, doesn’t it? And actually, it is!
See, I pick the crankbait I’m going to start with based on water color and how deep I’m fishing.
In dirty water, fishing shallow, I like bright colors so the bass can see my lure. Fishing deep in dirty water I’ll go with dark colors for contrast.
In clear water I go with natural colors. It’s a “match the hatch” approach where you want your lure to blend in.
Hooks, weights, etc. have been sorted so now all I’ve got to do is figure out how to use all my stuff to actually catch fish!
We have our spring squirrel season coming up May 18 through June 21.
I’ve never hunted squirrels during the spring season but just might try it this year.
From what I read it’s just like hunting in the fall. The only thing I can think of is to take extra shells for the ticks. Or, instead of shooting them I might try one of the “thermacells.” They’re supposed to repel insects. A tick is an insect, so?
Next Sunday, May 5, the Mid-KY Bass Anglers will fish Barren River. We’ll launch from the state park ramp at 7 a.m. EST (that’s Lebanon time).
You can find rules, tournament results, standings and schedule for the remainder of our season.
Guess that’s it for now. Get out, enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, stay safe and I’ll see ya next week!