Gadgets can be helpful outdoors

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By Shelton Young



I think I might qualify as a “modern primitive.” I like all the advantages of instant information access that my computer allows. I like the on-water access to changing weather conditions available from my I-Phone app. Another app will let me leave my parked truck, wander wherever I want to in unfamiliar woods, then show me the way back to the truck!
No more being “slightly confused” when I’m hunting Ft. Knox next season.
And, I can even make and receive phone calls!
My boat electronics give me water temperature, boat speed, maps, and water depths and show me the way back to the ramp.
That would be my “modern” side. The “primitive” side shows up when I try to figure out how to make everything work. I sorta lucked out with my cell phone. The wife showed me some basic stuff and Audrey, my 8-year-old granddaughter, taught me some more things!
If truth be told, it’s not me! The fact is that I have an adverse effect on anything electronic. My computer has been repaired twice, currently needs more work, and is just over a year old, i.e. out of warranty!
My cell phone, that I bought Monday, lost the vibrate function Tuesday. Took it back only to find out it could only be “taken care of” in Louisville or Lexington! Of course, I had the option of “mailing it in” for repairs.
New phone, 24 hours old, and “they” couldn’t do anything about it! I was nice, thanked the gentleman, and then left the store…any other option may have resulted in jail time.
Oh yeah, took the phone to Louisville…it works now!
Saturday the wind was up and everything was moving. For most, this would make turkey hunting difficult. For me, it’s almost impossible.
I’m deaf in one ear and have some hearing loss in the other. So, while I can hear a sound…gobble…I can’t tell which direction it’s coming from. I have to depend on “seeing” the turkey, before he sees me.
With everything moving, it’s more of a disadvantage than usual.
And that, my friends, is excuse number 37.
Sunday, I had a date with seven grandchildren and their Easter play, in Adair County.
Turkey hunting or disappointing the grandchildren?
It was a nice play!
Coming up is a lot more turkey hunting. One advantage I have, by being retired, is the ability to hunt weekdays.
Very few other hunters, very little competition for attracting gobblers and much safer. The birds may be a little more “educated” but I’ll still take the weekdays when given a choice.

I checked Green River, Ramp One, Sunday. The water was in both lower lots…and had been in the shelter. Water was about 10-feet from the shelter when I was there. At the spillway, they were releasing water as fast as it could safely be done!
I believe this has been the wettest spring I’ve seen in a long time. What worries me…and I’m no expert in these matters…is the spawn! Will bass spawn in the “shallows” only to have their nests left high and dry once the water levels drop? Will we lose part or maybe most of the spawn?
On the other side, high water puts a lot of new stuff under water. Bass will cruise these areas and take advantage of an expanded food source.
In this situation, flipping and pitching can be very productive. This “short range” fishing is almost…I said almost…as exciting as a top water bite!
All we can do is take the situation and make the best of it…it is what it is!

Next up is the Mid-Kentucky Bass Anglers May 1 bass tournament on Willisburg Lake. Launch is at 7 a.m. with a 1 p.m. weigh-in.
Entry fee is $20 per angler with a payout of 50, 30 and 20-percent to first, second and third place; $5 of each entry fee is deducted to cover the expenses for our banquet and awards.
There is an “optional” $5 per boat big bass pot that has a 100 percent pay back.

We’re considering an “open” co-ed and/or adult-kid tournament in the future to raise some operating money for our 4-H Fishing Club…the Puddle Jumpers.
Between an earlier donation and a recent gift of equipment from Craig Drury I’ve been able to put together about eight re-conditioned rod and reel combos. This is a good start but we can use more. If you have some used equipment you’d like to see put to good use, call me at (270) 402-2556 or email deaconlab@yahoo.com.
 Stuff can also be dropped off at the Extension office, at the Marion County Fairgrounds. Anything will be appreciated.
Coming up this weekend is another major holiday, complete with a lot of travel. Make this Easter safer by paying attention to how you drive…and watching out for the other guy.
Guess that’s it for now. Get out and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. Stay safe and I’ll see ya next week.