Get to know Ann Kelty Mattingly

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By Jesse Osbourne

Get to know... is a new feature that will profile Marion County High School senior athletes.

Ann Kelty Mattingly is a senior who plays volleyball. Her favorite athlete is Misty May.

What's your favorite memory from playing sports?

All the memories I've made with my amazing teammates.

What are your goals for your final season?

Win district. Win region. To be the best we can be.

Do you plan to play in college?

No, but I plan on always playing the sport some way.

What's the best advice one of your coaches has ever passed down to you?

Volleyball Head Coach David Hibbard said, "Treat your teammates as your family." I think if we all play as a "family" this year we will reach our full potential.

If you could relive one play in your career, good or bad, what play would it be?

Winning district last year because we played our absolute best.

Any advice for underclassmen involved in athletics?

Don't quit. Work through everything. It will be worth it in the end.