Get your ‘investment’ ready

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By Shelton Young



Last week, I listed things I do to “get ready” for fishing season.
One thing I waited to cover was the boat. When we consider the expense of a boat…on second thought, don’t consider cost, it’s too scary!
Instead, consider your boat as a fishing platform, transportation, storage unit, possible mobile billboard and conversation piece. That way it’ll seem like you’re getting more for your investment!
Here are a few things you might consider to get your “investment” ready for the season.
Start by removing everything that’s not permanently mounted (clean out all the storage compartments). Let everything “dry out”…inside of the compartments may be damp.
Over last season you can bet a lot of “gunk” i.e. oil, slime, etc. collected in the bottom of your boat. Oil film will be covering your bilge pumps, hoses and wiring.
This is what I do: Remove batteries…you need to check fluid levels and terminals anyway! Put the plug in your boat. Squirt Dawn dish detergent in the bottom and over your pumps. Fill up the boat and go for a ride. The agitation created will “scrub” away all the nasty stuff.
Drain and rinse…then rinse again! After awhile you’ll get all the suds, gunk and “stuff” out.
Check all your bilge pumps, live well pumps, hoses and connections. If something doesn’t work or leaks, fix it now! Check your hull for leaks too.
Clean all your electrical connections and check for frayed wires. Clean all battery terminals and check fluids. Check the charge and confirm that it’ll hold that charge under load.
If you have an onboard charger, check to see if it’s really charging your batteries.
I like to replace all my fuses with new ones…keep the old ones for spares! A little “obsessive compulsive?” Probably! But, I’ll know they’re all good.
Gauges should all work, if not, find out why they don’t, then fix/replace as needed.
Your trolling motor should be checked for loose/frayed control cables. The bolts holding your trolling motor on the boat should be tight. Take off the TM prop. Check for old fishing line you may have picked up and wrapped around the motor’s shaft. There’s a “pin” on the motors shaft, check it. The prop itself should be checked for cracks or frayed areas. Terminal ends need to be clean.
One hint: Another problem with E10 gas…aside from it eating up rubber lines/seals/gaskets and decreased mileage…is that there’s a lot of water/gas separation in your tank. One way to remove some of the water is to pump it out. Just separate the gas line from the “out” end of the bulb and squeeze the bulb. The gas pick-up tube in the tank “should” be at the bottom of the tank. Since gas is lighter than water, the water will be the lowest level of fluid (water) in the tank so you can pump most of it out!
Terry Davis and I went to the Indianapolis Boat, Sport Show last Saturday. It made the Louisville show look like UK playing a fifth-grade team.
I watched the 2010 Bassmaster Classic on the Internet last weekend…ESPN is supposed to carry it this weekend.
Kenin Vandam…a.k.a. KVD…won on the Louisianna Delta with a three-day total of 69-pounds, 11-ounces (highest weight of any classic).
He also tied…with Rick Clun…for the most classics won (four) and leads everyone with most B.A.S.S. events won at 20.
Top money  was $500,000 for the classic giving him over $5,000,000…yes five million dollars in total earnings, which is also a record!
Anybody feel like taking up bass fishing?
Last week my article mentioned the Taylorsville Swap meet as being on Sept. 26. It’s on Feb. 26…as in this Saturday! Sorry. It starts at 7 a.m. at 404 Garrad Street in Taylorsville.
Feb. 26 is also the date of the first Mid-Kentucky Chapter of Delta Waterfowl Dinner.
It’ll be held at Floral Hall in the Marion County Fairgrounds with the social starting at 5:30 p.m. and dinner at 7 p.m.
There are several ways to get in to this event: youth, single ticket, couples, sponsor, meal only, singles/couples, each with a different price.
To order tickets or for information contact Jeremy Sullivan at (270) 699-1202.
Also Saturday, the Central Kentucky Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation will hold its banquet/fundraiser at St. Gregory’s on Highway 245 in Nelson County.
Starting  Friday, Feb. 26, and running through March 13 is the 2011 Spring Classic at the Bass Pro Shop in Clarksville, Ind..
I mention this because on the first day, Feb. 25, two B.A.S.S. pros will be doing seminars.
At 7 p.m. Marty Stone will talk about flippin’ and pitchin’. Then, Edwin Evers will talk about crankbaits at 8 p.m.
You can learn a lot, in a short time, listening to the pros.
n On Monday, Feb. 28, starting at 7 p.m. the KDFWR will hold a public meeting at Lebanon’s Centre Square for the purpose of discussing a consideration to change our hunting zone for the 2011 season.
We went from Zone 2 to Zone 3 for 2010 and now the question is “Leave it at Zone 3, or move it to Zone 4 for 2011?”
The commission sets zones and hunt season dates at their March meeting.
This is an opportunity to express our opinions…take advantage of it!
Guess that’s it for now. Get out and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. Stay safe and I’ll see ya next week!