Get your ammunition, your license and outdoors

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By Shelton Young

Last week I forgot to mention who we booked our Snow Goose hunt with. We booked with Premier Flight Guide Service and they can be reached at www.goosegrinders.com.
Please understand, our lack of success was in no way the fault of Premier Flight or our guides. It was just some very crappy luck!

If you’ve bought ammunition….any size, any caliber….you should have noted the increase in price. Could be panic buying as a result of statements made at a “higher level”? Could it be a shortage of components? Could it be any number of things? But the fact is: Ammunition will possibly be scarce, and expensive, before next season….or even this turkey season.
My advice, buy next year’s ammo now. Panic buying? Probably! But it doesn’t go bad, and it won’t get any less expensive if you wait!

It’s time to get your 2013 hunting/fishing license. Your 2012 ran out almost a week ago. Time to fork out some of that moldy cash for a new one!
If you’re a “do it all” kind of outdoorsman or woman you might consider the “Sportsman License.” I think it’s still $95 and it covers anything you’re likely to hunt or fish for. Course it doesn’t cover “special” hunts ie. elk, tag or federal duck stamp. But all your ordinary stuff is covered.
So, in order to be legal just get your new license, stick a 2013 federal duck stamp on the back…when they become available…and you’re good to go on almost everything.

It may seem early right now but before you know it we’ll be chasing thunder chickens! If you don’t have your own property to hunt it’s not too early to get permission to hunt…and scout.
Even if you have your own place to hunt you might spend some early mornings just listening! Look for some early strutting activity and remember where they were. Chances are the birds are there for a reason and they’ll be there when the season opens…i.e. strut zone!

There’s something going on in Frankfort that’s of interest to predator hunters.
There’s a bill that’s already passed the house that could change the way…or add to…the way we hunt coyotes. Since it’s well documented that coyotes are decimating wildlife populations, as weel as taking domestic animals, the “state” is considering some changes.
The changes, if passed, will allow you to hunt at night using lights, night vision equipment, bait and electronic calls.
On the surface this sounds good…and it is…if so-called hunters, as in poachers, wouldn’t ruin it. It could easily be another case of the very few ruining it for the many.
I can see a KDFWR officer pulling over a pickup at night. Inside the truck are spotlights, night vision and guns. “Uh, officer, I’m just hunting coyotes.”
No evidence = no case! Course there wouldn’t be evidence if the officer was dealing with scum. You know scum hunters, they’re the ones who shoot deer at night just to watch them drop! No meat, no antlers, just killing to be killing.
In reality, there’ll always be poachers. I just don’t see the point of making it easier for them.
Do we need to control the coyote population? Absolutely! Is this the way to do it? It would help…if everyone was ethical!

Went to the gun show at the fairgrounds in Louisville Saturday. John took some guns to sell and Juanita, Sara and Julie had never been to a gun show before.
What this show revealed was just how easy it is to obtain a gun…any gun!
Now I’m all for the second amendment and the right to have/own firearms goes without question. But, if I buy a gun from a dealer I have to pass a background check. To buy a weapon at the gun show all I would need would be cash!
As an example: People were standing in line waiting to get in the show…with guns, clips, ammo etc. I watched as guys approached one of those with guns, haggle a while, then cut a deal to buy their guns…before they even got inside the show!
Inside, taking up one wing, was the show. Row upon row of tables. Most with guns, but some with Civil War artifacts, military camo, ammunition and re-loading supplies.
Tables of AR style rifles, shotguns…auto, double barrel, over/under and pistols. And cash would buy anything.
Everywhere ya looked people were walking the aisles selling guns.
And the prices! Almost every gun and clip was selling for top dollar. When I stopped to look at some Browning shotguns I had to do a double take! I thought $3,300 was high for a shotgun…until I looked again and saw it was $33,000…and that wasn’t the most expensive gun I saw!
I watched as a more reasonably priced shotgun sold. As the guy counted out $100 bills, he asked, “What else do I need to do?” as in fill out paper work.
Guy was told he had to do nothing. But if he shot anybody with it, they would deny selling him the gun!
Herein lies my dilemma: I support the right to buy and own guns, but my background in police work has shown me that not everyone should have that right!
So, what to do about it?

Guess that’s it for now. Get out, enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, stay safe and I’ll see ya next week!