Girls take third in middle school meet

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By Jessica Veatch and Josh Veatch

In the middle school meet March 26 at Green County, the girls' team scored 88 points to finish third, while the boys' team was sixth with 38 points.
"Our girls team did a great job overall," Head Coach Keith Brown said. "We left a few points on the track due to an injury to Chelsey Wright, and a couple of blunders on not checking in on time, but overall we were right where we need to be."  
Brown said the boys team has room for improvement.
"Out of the 30 kids we took over, half had never run in a meet before, so the future looks bright," he said.
Individual results for the girls' team are as follows:
Girls 100 meter dash, Shampaigne Brown, 2nd place, 14.7, Chelsey Wright, 3rd place, 14.9, Talena Brown, 21st place, 17.3; girls 200 meter dash, Meredith Bartley, 1st place, 29.4, Kanesha Furmon 4th place, 31.8, Shay Cornelius, 5th place, 32.1; Girls 400 meter dash, Laurel Brahm, 12th place, 1:21.6, Riley Wayland, 14th place, 1:27.6; girls 1600 meter run, Autumn McCarty, 7th place, 7:39.4; girls 100 meter hurdles, Jarie Newby, 5th place, 22.3, Alaysia White, 9th place, 23.0; girls long jump, Jarie Newby, 3rd place, 11' 9.5", Talena Brown, 6th place, 10' 4.5", Alaysia White, 7th place, 10' 2.5", McKenzie Wayne, 9th place, 9' 4.5"; girls shot put, Destiny Logan, 3rd place, 19' 10", Mashayla Furman, 6th place, 17', Shania McAtee, 10th place, 15' 0.25", girls discus throw, Mashayla Furman, 4th place, 32', Destiny Logan, 5th place, 31' 10", Shania McAtee, 6th place, 28'.
Individual results for the boys' team are as follows:
Boys 100 meter dash, Cameron Buckman, 10th place, 14.1, Colby Hood, 18th place, 15.0, Trae Buckman, 25th place, 16.4; boys 200 meter dash, Cameron Buckman, 6th place, 29.9, Stephen Salgado, 17th place, 33.9, Cameron Huff, 22nd place, 36.8; boys 800 meter run, Justin Overstreet, 3rd place, 2:27.7, Ty Divine, 4th place, 2:44.1, Tanner Caldwell, 17th place, 3:19.9; boys 1600 meter run, Justin Overstreet, 2nd place, 5:50.8, Ty Divine, 3rd place, 5:56.9, Dalton Riggs, 13th place, 7:07.2; boys 100 meter hurdles, Stephon Salgado, 9th place, 21.6, William Hafley, 12th place, 22.8; boys shot put, William Hafley, 5th place, 19' 7.25", Cody Foster, 12th place, 13' 10.75"; boys discus throw, Cody Foster, 10th place, 32' 5.5".
Team results for the girls' and boys' team are as follows:
Girls 4 x 100 meter relay, Shampaigne Brown, Kanesha Furman, Shay Cornelius, Shy Camp, 1st place, 59.1, Aaliyah McAtee, McKenzie Wayne, Jarie Newby, Alaysia White, 7th place, 1:05.9; girls 4 x 200 meter relay, Meredith Bartley, Kanesha Furman, Shy Camp, Chelsey Wright, 2nd place, 2:04.3; boys 4 x 100 meter relay, Trae Buckman, Cameron Buckman, Austin Wethington, Colby Hood, 10th place, 1:08.8.
High School Meet at LaRue County
The Marion County High School track team headed to LaRue County Saturday.
Overall, the girls' team had a tough day and finished in sixth place with 27 overall points while the boys' team finished with 54 points, tied for fourth place.
Individual results for the boys' team are as follows:
Boys 100 meter run, Scott Hunt, 6th place, 12.09, Ricco Floyd, 12th place, 12.46, Jalen Powell, 19th place, 12.76, Justin Parrish, 22nd place, 12.90, Alex Espinoza, 28th place, 13.96, Quamane Johnson, 29th place, 14.25; boys 200 meter dash, Ricco Floyd, 5th place, 24.59, Justin Parrish, 9th place, 25.81, Jalen Powell, 11th place, 26.15, Quamane Johnson, 21st place, 28.46; boys 400 meter dash, Scott Hunt 1st place, 53.43; boys 800 meter run, Justin Overstreet, 12th place, 2:36.21, Alex Espinoza, 14th place, 2:48.59; boys 1600 meter run, Dalton Riggs, 14th place, 7:07.49; boys 110 meter hurdles, Brooks Divine, 1st place, 16.59, Justin Dawson, 6th place, 19.02; boys 300 meter hurdles, Justin Dawson, 9th place, 46.24; boys long jump, Brooks Divine, 4th place, 18' 1.75", Jordan Abell, 6th place, 17' 7.5", John Robinson, 14th place, 15' 8.5"; boys shot put, Jay Redfern, 5th place, 35' 6", Jeremy Gunn, 15th place, 29' 1.5", Colby Skeen, 16th place, 29' 1", Kristian Santiago, 19th place, 26' 10", Tyler Curtis, 20th place, 26' 7", Ryan Thompson, 22nd place, 21' 4"; boys discus throw, Kristian Santiago, 9th place, 85' 5", Jay Redfern, 10th place, 80' 4", Jeremy Gunn, 12th place, 77' 3", Ryan Thompson, 13th place, 77' 1.5", Tyler Curtis, 15th place, 73' 9", Colby Skeen, 16th place, 72'.
Individual results for the girls' team are as follows:
Girls 100 meter dash, Chelsey Wright, 10th place, 14.69, Shampaigne Brown, 11th place, 14.84, Kanesha Furman, 19th place, 15.37, Alexi Mackie, 21st place, 16.26; girls 200 meter dash, Meredith Bartley, 6th place, 29.34, Chelsey Wright, 20th place, 31.94, Kanesha Furman, 24th place, 32.96; girls 400 meter dash, Hope Riggs, 5th place, 1:10.86; girls 3200 meter run, Chelsey Wright, 5th place, 13:40.25; girls 300 meter hurdles, Mary Helen Hamilton, 7th place, 1:03.56; girls long jump, Jarie Newby, 10th place, 10' 9.5"; girls triple jump, Chelsey Wright, 5th place, 26' 9".
Relay results for the boys and girls team are as follows:
Boys 4 x 200 meter relay, 3rd place, 1:38.87; girls 4 x 100 meter relay, 4th place, 58.0; girls 4 x 200 meter relay, 5th place, 2:01.75.