Girls who rock

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Paige Wilson is a talented, humble representative for Marion County and Kentucky

Mobile, Ala., got another sample of Kentucky pride last week when a Marion County contingent took the city by storm in support of Paige Wilson who competed in the Distinguished Young Woman competition.

But, the folks in Mobile should be getting used to Kentuckians by now. After all, last year it seemed as if half the state traveled there to root for Marion County's own Christine Mattingly in the 2011 national program.

Both young women have represented our state and our county well.

Together they've made history by being the first back-to-back state winners from Marion County.

Not too shabby.

And while both young ladies share the title of Kentucky Distinguished Young Woman, they are very different.

For starters, while Mattingly grew up in Marion County and has a huge extended family here, Wilson is a "foreigner."

"We're foreigners 'round these parts," she said to the Enterprise earlier this year.

Well, we think it's safe to say that folks 'round these parts view Wilson and her parents as Marion Countians now. In fact, it's something we're downright proud of, to say the least.

We're also proud of the fact that aside from being a Distinguished Young Woman, an exceptional student and a talented musician and athlete, Wilson is also a self-professed "tree hugger." (She said it, we didn't.) We wish more young people shared Wilson's passion for the environment. We also admire Wilson's desire to lead by example, while still remaining humble. It's a unique trait that both Wilson and her predecessor, Mattingly, share. Both are outstanding young ladies that have excelled in school, and in life, but neither of them boast or brag about their accomplishments. They don't have to. Other people do it for them. In fact, we're doing it right now.

In all seriousness, we're extremely proud of both young women. And we agree with a remark that Buddy Hoskinson, state chair of the Kentucky Distinguished Young Woman program, made in January when Wilson won the state competition.

"Having back-to-back winners from Marion County says so much about that community and that program."

Indeed, it does.

It's proof that Marion Countians are always up for a challenge.

And we back each other up, in this case, quite literally.