Give topwater fishing a try

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By Shelton Young

Ok, early deadline again! So, here I sit with not much in the way of anything to write about! But, all is not lost.
What we're going to talk about is fishing. And, not just any kind of fishing. We're going to talk about fishin' on top.
Topwater fishing is about the most exciting form of fishing there is. You're usually restricted to about four hours fishing topwater.
That's two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. The morning hours usually start an hour before sunrise and end an hour after the sun comes up.
The same thing happens again at night. Usually starts an hour before sunset and goes till well after dark. You see, bass will come to the shallows for a while in failing light just to feed.
So, what to use?
There are several topwater baits. You have the gurglers like the Jitterbug style of baits. These are just throw out and reel in with a few variations.
Then you have the prop bait style with propellers on one, or both ends. Throw them out and twitch them back in.
Probably the most popular topwater is a frog. With the frog you work it back in a lot like any crank. You can reel it back steady, use a start stop retrieve, or walk the dog with it.
One of the last and most popular is a stick bait. No propellers no fancy anything. A stick bait is just a simple piece of wood or plastic that you throw out.
But these baits have no action on their own. You have to bring them to life by jerking them. You jerk, then throw some slack back at the line, then jerk again. You do this all the way back to the boat.
So what happens if you have a blowup on your lure but don't get a hook in the bass? Sometimes the bass will hit the bait like they would a real whatever to stun it. Then the bass will turn around and take the bait.
Well, first, don't set the hook too fast. Give it a second to give the bass a chance to take it, and then set the hook. If you feel the bass isn't going to take your bait then throw them plastic! Always have a plastic - senko, worm, creature - bait tied on. Cast your follow-up lure right to the spot the bass flew up on your lure. Usually, this is all it takes to put Mr. Bass in the boat.
There are several baits for fishing the top of the water. Pick up a few topwaters and give it a chance.
Topwater fishing, while it may be a fleeting, is one of the most enjoyable ways to catch Mr. Bigmouth!

Just so you'll know, I'm having a hard time writing this. Seems sometime or another something bit or stung me on the hand. Yeah, just my luck.
My right hand swelled up to about twice its normal size and hurt like heck.
About the time I was feeling pretty sorry for myself I got the call. Early deadline. So, here I am. Swollen hand and all, just writing away!

Our mid-Kentucky Bass boys will be hitting Green River Lake this coming weekend. On July 8, we'll be launching at 6 a.m. from ramp one. Weigh-in will be at 2 p.m. giving us an eight-hour day.
Then on July 21, we'll fish a night tournament on Willisburg Lake. Launch is at 6 p.m. with a midnight weigh-in.
Guess that's it for now. Get out, enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, stay safe and I'll see ya next week!