Good things

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By Jessica Veatch

In my last column, I wrote about switching teams and how I have now become a Denver Broncos fan because Peyton Manning is now wearing the navy and orange. I talked about how I love his passion for the game and how I couldn't wait to watch him play again finally since having to see Manning on the sideline all last year due to a neck injury.
So since that column, Manning has finally played a NFL football game (actually he has played in two but I didn't know the outcome of the second game before press time) and I definitely liked what I saw. He was back to his old self, picking apart the defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers and even though his offense wasn't on the field much, they were efficient when they were. They defeated the Steelers 31-19 in a game where Manning hadn't played in over a year, which impressed me. I also thought it was neat that my favorite NFL player, Manning, was throwing passes to Jacob Tamme, a guy who played high school football at Boyle County and college football at the University of Kentucky. I hope that Manning continues to play like he did in his first start as a Bronco in games to come this season.  
But enough about the NFL and my opinion of Peyton Manning. There have been good things in Marion County sports that have happened since I wrote my last column.  First of all, I will stick to the game of football. The Marion County Knights won their first game of the season, defeating border rival Washington County.  The Knights won 28-21 in a good, exciting game that went back and forth. I was excited for the team as they picked up the victory and I hope they can keep up the momentum as they go into the game on the road at Taylor County Sept. 28.  
Another thing I wanted to mention was the Marion County Knights soccer team's win over Danville on Tuesday of last week. Head Coach Greg Conley said that the win was the first win over Danville in the six years that he has coached the Knights. Marion County won the game 1-0, finally beating the team that they couldn't get past in previous years. Danville was actually the team that beat the Knights in the district finals last season, after the game went into double overtime. Another impressive stat from the boys soccer team this week was that in their three wins they didn't allow a goal from their opponents.
Finally, I wanted to mention the Marion County Lady Knights volleyball team.  The team went 6-0 this season in district play, clinching the No. 1 seed going into the district tournament. The Lady Knights are looking to win their fifth straight district title this season.
So there you have it, a little bit about my new NFL team and some good things that have occurred since my last column in Marion County sports. My intention was not to leave any sport or team out; I just picked the first three good things that popped into my mind as I was struggling to think about one single topic to write about this week. I hope each fall sport continues to play hard and I look forward to covering the remainder of each of their seasons.