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By Jessica Veatch

Okay, so I know you see by the title of this column that I am going to write about the Kentucky Wildcats. Yes, it will be the last time I write about them, at least until next basketball season.
Last Monday night was a wonderful night for all fans of the Kentucky Wildcats.  The Cats brought home a national championship to Lexington, the eighth championship in school history, and the first one since 1998, the year I graduated high school.
I remember the excitement I had as I watched the game, as my daughter Karli and I cheered for the Cats with her blue and white pom poms and her blue megaphone.  I also remember the uneasiness I felt as the Kansas Jayhawks made a comeback toward the end of the game, the same feeling I had during the game against the Louisville Cardinals. But in the end, the Wildcats were able to overcome their opponents and the smiles on their faces and the hugs after the game said it all.  
This was a group of highly talented guys that played together as a team to win the national championship. Not one player did it all, and there were several players throughout the season that averaged double figures. I remember listening to John Calipari comment on his team after the game, talking about how this was a team that young people could look up to, as they worked together as a team despite having great individual players. And indeed they did, not only during the regular season but as they made their run during the NCAA tournament.
I am excited to say that the Kentucky Wildcats are national champions and they have achieved GR8NESS. I even went to Lexington on Wednesday to purchase a national championship shirt to display how proud I am of my favorite college basketball team. Actually, I ended up getting two because I couldn't decide on just one.
Now let's move on to Marion County High School sports.
The next few weeks are very busy for spring sports, and there are so many games, meets, and matches that I have to write everything down on my calendar just to keep track of them and know where to go which day. Some days actually have two or three events happening at the same time, so this time of year is actually the busiest time for me as a sports correspondent. But, I'm not complaining. I love this time of year, and I enjoy the spring sports that I attend. It's just hard to believe that the school year will be over in no time, with 27 days left of school as I am writing this.  
And, although there won't be any more basketball to watch on television, I will definitely be able to keep myself busy attending baseball and softball games, tennis matches, and track meets.