In a groove

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By Jessica Veatch


Well, school has started and I have a great group of kids to teach. Eleven days have passed in this new school year, and I feel like I am back in a groove with things. Not only do I feel like I am back in the routine with school, I also have that feeling with getting back in shape.
With the help of some co-workers (friends) at school, for the past two weeks, I have been going to the park to run/walk in the afternoon or doing so on the school campus. I say with help because these ladies help motivate me.
You see, throughout last school year and this summer, I made excuses about why I couldn’t make this commitment and meet them two or three times a week. Of course, I am a pretty busy person, but there is always time to take care of your body. Now granted, I did play softball some this summer, but not enough games to keep a person in shape.
So, this school year and from now on, I am going to try to not make excuses and make sure I exercise and eat right most of the time. I know there are days I won’t make it to the park and days I just have to eat that unhealthy meal, but I feel like I am headed back in the right direction with these two aspects. I am back in a groove and I hope to keep it that way. I plan to run in the Pokey Pig in September and maybe other 5Ks in the future.
Enough about myself. I have two teams I want to talk about that I have been watching lately that I feel are also in a groove, not to take anything away from the other teams that are currently playing their respective sports.
The first team I consider in a groove in their first two weeks of the season is the Marion County Lady Knights varsity volleyball team. In their first four games, they have beaten each of their opponents in only two sets, not having to play the third set so far this season.  Of course, the team is making some errors, which is to be expected early on in the season, but they are working together to get the job done. In the games I have attended, I have witnessed some amazing hitting by several different players and also some incredible serves. Of course, for me, I am impressed about the way these girls move around the court after every serve to get to the position they need to be in, which takes great hustle. I hope this group of girls can continue to stay in a groove and play good volleyball like I have seen so far.
The second team I consider in a groove is the North Oldham Little League baseball team, not a local team, but a team that is representing Kentucky. Not only did they win their state level with an undefeated slate, which was held in Marion County at Graham Memorial Park, they made it through the Great Lakes Regional Tournament to make it to the Little League World Series held in South Williamsport, Penn., a once in a lifetime opportunity. So far, this team has played two games in the double elimination tournament, Friday night, and they held on to win 1-0 in a game that broke the attendance record at the Little League World Series with 41,848 fans. That is probably due to the fact that they played the team from Pennsylvania, which was only located 28 miles away from Williamsport. However, I am sure there were several Kentucky fans there as well to cheer their team on.
In this close game, the North Oldham team had a great pitching performance from Griffin McLarty, with McLarty striking out 12 batters. As I watched from my couch, I was amazed at some of the pitches he threw under pressure to get his opponents out. More than one time, there were multiple runners on, but McLarty and the defense showed why they have made it to where they are. And as good as McLarty’s pitching was, he also helped his team with a solo homerun to get their only run of the night.
On Sunday night, when the North Oldham team faced California, they had a minor setback in the Little League World Series, losing 10-0. However, they still have another chance to bounce back and win it all, just as they did in the Great Lakes Regional Tournament.
This team has a long way to go, as the final game of the Little League World Series is not until Aug. 28, but I hope to see them there. I plan to watch every game they play and cheer them on from my couch, secretly wishing I could be there in person watching. And no matter the outcome of the Kentucky team, they were still in a groove to make it as far as they did this season.
So there you have it, my examples of who is in a groove right now. I hope that I stay in mine, and I wish these two teams and all the others the best as they go throughout their seasons.