Ham Days treasure has been found

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By The Staff

Six-month-old Price Alan Head from Dallas, Texas found the Ham Days treasure.

The treasure, which resembled a pig nose, was found at Wheatley Enterprises and Goodie Two Shoes on the corner of Proctor Knott Avenue and M.L. King Avenue. It was found on the side of the building under a piece of white vinyl siding in the mulch.

Price found the treasure with the help of his mom, Ann Carole Head, and his great aunt, Nancy Elder.

As the winners, they will receive a slaughtered hog.

We hope Price likes ham.

The clues that led them to the treasure were as follows:

The first clue...

It's the Pigasus Hunt for 2011!

Just get out and follow your nose.

The usual place is where to begin.

What's at the end? The pig knows.

The second clue is...

Missing in "The Old Mare."

What's the matter with white?

The real deal with 80's hair.

A pig knows. That's right.

The third clude...

Published in 2005,

It's Michael Perry prose.

What does this provide?

For sure, the pig knows.

The fourth clue...

Organic, rubber, rock or plastic,

Stays put fine and looks fantastic.

On the surface something shows.

You ask, "What's that?" A pig knows.