Hard pill to swallow

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Prescription medicine has become our biggest drug problem

By The Staff

Look in your medicine cabinet. Take a peek in your glove compartment. Glance at your kitchen counter.
You may not realize it, but you could be looking at one of the biggest drug problems facing Marion County and Kentucky.
When used carefully and correctly, prescription pills can go a long way toward treating a lot of medical issues. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much for a medical treatment to turn into chemical dependency.
We still have other drugs in our community, but prescription pills have become the biggest concern for local law enforcement.
During the past few weeks, we've taken a closer look at prescription drugs and the effect they can have on our community.
We know pill addicts will act like other drug abusers. They will lie and steal. They will write bad checks, damage property and sometimes become violent... whatever it takes to acquire more drugs or more money to purchase drugs.
From our conversations with law enforcement, we know that prescription pill use can be found among all age groups. Unfortunately, we also know that many in our community don't see prescriptions as being as serious a threat as illicit substances.
We've learned from a recovering user and from law enforcement officials that people are reselling their prescriptions for $60, $80, $90 and even $150 apiece. With that kind of money, we can understand the temptation, but we hope those who are considering selling will keep in mind the cost to the community and the cost to local families.
It's time we recognize that the misuse of prescriptions can be destructive and deadly.
On the state level, we encourage the General Assembly to support legislation proposed by our own State Sen. Jimmy Higdon that would make it difficult to legally operate a pill mill in Kentucky. The sooner this legislation can become law, the better.
It's also important that we do what we can to prevent being part of the problem.
Don't "advertise" the drugs in your home by posting messages on social networking sites about recent medical procedures. If you have prescriptions, keep them in secure locations. Keep track of your prescriptions, so you know if you are missing medicine.
And if you or someone you love is addicted, get help. Prescription pill addiction is not something a person can easily overcome. Having a support system is an important first step toward recovery.