Highway 208 Industrial Park deemed ‘Shovel Ready’

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The Marion County Industrial Foundation has received the Ady-Austin designation as a food processing “Shovel Ready” site for its Highway 208 Industrial Park.  This certification assures the food processing and beverage industry that it has the infrastructure in place to accommodate their needs.
The Highway 208  Industrial Park consists of approximately 150 acres and contains eight plotted lots ranging from 7.55 to 28.83 acres and is located in an established industrial area at the intersection of Kentucky Highway 2154 (Lebanon Bypass) and Kentucky Highway 208 in Lebanon.
The Ady-Austin Company evaluated over 200 critical variables based on six major categories before designating the site as the first shovel-ready property for the food processing industry. As part of the process, Ady-Austin principals involved in the analysis performed a detailed field investigation of the site, including meetings with economic development and utility officials at the state and local level.
Ady International Company and Austin Consulting firmly believe that a company or a site selector interested in a mid south/south central location can significantly decrease the amount of time and risk during the site selection process by reviewing the detailed information in the Shovel Ready Report.
The Ady International Company located in Chicago and the Austin Consulting located in Cleveland are two of the premier site location consulting firms in the country and have joined together to form Ady-Austin which caters to the food processing industry.
“We look forward to the near future when a quality food processing operation selects this property for their new operation,” said Bob Ady, president of Ady International.
The Marion County Industrial Foundation Executive Director Tom Lund has indicated that food processing is one of the foundation’s target industries because of the available water, sewer and agriculture products.
“In addition to the site’s excellent location in a quality park it is well suited for the food processing industry,” said Frank Spano, director of Austin Consulting in Cleveland, Ohio. “The site has an abundant water and sanitary sewer system that is crucial to the food processing industry.”
In obtaining the “Shovel Ready” designation the Marion County Industrial Foundation partnered with Inter County Energy to provide the necessary funding to complete the project.
The Marion County Highway 208 site is the first site in Kentucky to receive the “Shovel Ready” Certification.
For more information, visit www.marioncountyky.com or call (270) 692-6002.