I love the madness of March

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By Josh Veatch

Well, this is most likely my favorite month of the year, especially this past week. I love watching basketball, and with the first three rounds of the NCAA tournament taking over our television sets, I just can't get enough. For 12 hours straight, on two separate days, basketball took over my television.  With all tournament games being broadcast, the recall button got overworked the past few days switching back and forth between games.
As you probably know, Jessica and I both are part of the Big Blue Nation, and watch the Kentucky Wildcats in every game as the hopefully advance to the final four and bring home the title. Kentucky might be our favorite team, but coming in a close second right how are the Lehigh Mountain Hawks. As you saw Friday night, Lehigh took down one of the most hated teams in Kentucky, the Duke Blue Devils. It would have been a memorable moment if Kentucky and Duke had met in the elite eight, 20 years after "the shot," but the Mountain Hawks took care of that.
Lehigh, along with Norfolk State, accomplished a feat this year that puts the madness into March. As 15 seeds, the two teams were up against stiff competition in the first round. Lehigh took down the second seeded Blue Devils, while Norfolk State toppled second seeded Missouri in their opening round games.  Nearly all people had picked Duke and Missouri to advance, but when tournament time comes around anything can happen. In fact, a 15 seed had defeated a 2 seed in the first round only four times since 1985, and it happened twice this year.  
The possibility of upsets in the tournament, like Norfolk State and Lehigh, makes me want to watch all the games just to see what happens. The "little guys" in the field are what make March so exciting. Without the teams that generally make up the lower seeds, it just wouldn't be the same. I like watching two highly rated teams face each other, but I enjoy an upset even more.
College basketball has been a favorite of mine nearly all my life. The guys are out there each and every game playing for their team, and the respective schools and towns that they play for rally behind them with massive fan bases.
Now that we've concluded the first three rounds of the tournament, the pretenders have been weeded out and only the true contenders remain. Sixteen teams, each heading to their respective regional sites, will battle for the most coveted prize in all of college basketball, the national championship trophy.
Hopefully, the Wildcats will make it through their final four games, finish the season at 38-2, and take their eighth title in school history. I can't think of a more fitting end to a superb season than that. Go Big Blue.