I wish Lebanon/Marion County had...

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Stevie Lowery
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If you had your wish, what sorts of restaurants, attractions, etc., would you like Lebanon/Marion County to have?

For instance, many people wish there was a better variety of restaurants to choose from... What restaurants do you wish were located here?

Many people wish Lebanon/Marion County had a movie theatre or a bowling alley. What do you wish we had in terms of entertainment options?

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I wish that Lebanon had an

I wish that Lebanon had an all-encompassing arts center. The work that Kentucky Classic Theatre/Arts, Kentucky Baroque Trumpets, and the Marion County Arts and Humanities Council are doing is great. However, I would like to see an arts organization that is focused on highlighting the artistic talent that resides within the community, but also works to expose our community to the spectacular art and artists that exist throughout the state and beyond by bringing them here.

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High Speed Internet

we live 2 miles off of a main hwy in Marion County and our neighbors all along our road have cable and high speed internet but it stops 1/4 of a mile from our house. In fact the neighbor right next door to the house where the cable stops can't get it, the rest of us are forced to endure the high cost and low access of sattelite - PLEASE, if anyone out there is listening - have mercy on us, get that cable to the rest of us out here.

As far as entertainment and restaurants, I agree with everyone else, a bowling alley, movie theatre, skating rink and definately a Red Lobster would be great. Spending money in other towns doesn't make sense if we can keep it in our town - imo -

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I wish AT&T would bring 3G service to Lebanon and Marion County!

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Something for the kids

I'm tired of driving to do "fun stuff." I want something for my family to do in Marion County. Movies, Drive-In, Dancing, Bowling, Skating, etc. I don't really care what it is as long as it's local. We are growing and have become the leaders in the area when it comes to economic development and stuff. Why can't we be the leaders in family entertainment too? I'm tired of driving to Bardstown, or Campbellsville, or even Louisville to have a good time. I'd like to keep my money in Marion County.

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We've come a long way, Baby.

Thanks to Toyota and some great visionaries in Marion County, Lebanon has grown and become so much more than it used to be. When I was growing up I couldn't wait to leave Lebanon and find a place where there was more to do than cruise Main Street. I planned to leave town and never look back.

Now things are different. When I come back for visits I'm impressed at the growth. When I was growing up there wasn't even a McDonald's or Wal-Mart...now we even have a Super Wal-Mart. I'm proud of the progress Lebanon has made and anticipate even more as time goes on.

The one thing I always wanted to see, even now, is a movie theatre. It's too bad our money goes to Bardstown or Campbellsville for movies when we could keep those funds in Marion county. Secondly, a bowling alley is a great idea. Put something in place to keep the teens engaged.

I don't know that I could ever come back to live since I've made my home in Ohio and that's where I raised my family, but at least now I'm very proud to say I'm from Lebanon, KY.

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My Wish

Lebanon is the perfect little town. It's calm, quiet, and quaint. Lebanon is a town you want to raise your family in. It's like stepping back in time to see what a city was like 50 years ago. People still smile and wave at strangers. Everyone is courteous and kind. The children can even walk the streets without being scared. They also are kind and courteous; something that I was certain no longer existed. Polite teens...please, they have to be extinct. Everywhere else, but not in Lebanon!

However, if we are to wish something to "spruce up" Lebanon a bit, I would love a place to get seafood; something resembling a Red Lobster. There are many "mom and pops" and pizza places. We even have several Chinese establishments, but there is no city in the area besides Lexington or Louisville where one can find a Red Lobster or any seafood specific restaurants. As for entertainment, I would love a bowling alley or an old drive-in theater. Something everyone can enjoy, without being "a kids" place or a "old folks" place. I hate having to drive to Campbellsville, Bardstown, Springfield, Danville, and Harrodsburg or farther just to have fun day out with my daughter.