Internet speed, or lack thereof

By now, either you or someone you know has likely complained about slow Internet speed in Lebanon.

In an interview with a Windstream representative last week, I was told that the company is working on an upgrade project that would likely affect 48 percent of its customers in Marion County, specifically those close to Lebanon. However, that work may not be complete until September.

I was also reminded that many more people are connected to the internet with many more devices than ever before. The more people who are online, the slower the connection.

That may be true, but it's hardly enough to explain why Internet speeds in Lebanon have slown to a crawl, or a snail's pace.

Or perhaps even a snail's crawl.

Earlier today (July 23), I ran some speed tests through www.speedtest.net on my computer at the Enterprise office, and the results are less than impressive. The download and upload speeds are listed in Mbps.

Browser      Download      Upload

Firefox         0.1               0.07

Chrome        0.03             0.12

Safari           0.05             0.52

Now, I realize speeds will vary depending on a variety of factors, but those results are pathetic by any measure. (For the record, I don't think the web browsers were the issue.)

For the sake of comparison, I emailed some of our newspaper colleagues and asked them to run similar tests. Here are the results I've received so far.

City                  Browser       Download     Upload

Campbellsville   Firefox          24.48           4.99

Hodgenville *    Firefox          6.16             0.61

Liberty *           Safari           6.45             0.84

* These tests were performed by people who use Windstream as their provider.

We're trying to gauge how slow our internet is, and we'd like your help.

Go to speedtest.net.

Run the test, and email your results to newseditor@lebanonenterprise.com.

Here is the information we would like:

- Where you live (in Lebanon, out in the county, in another part of Kentucky or even in another state)

- What company provides your internet service

- Your download speed

- Your upload speed

- What browser you used