Job well done

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By The Staff

Sore feet, aching backs, and dry mouths from eating too much country ham... many Marion Countians are probably still experiencing their own version of a "Ham Days Hangover" after volunteering during the annual festival, which took place this past weekend.

It's a lot of work for the Marion County Chamber of Commerce and its countless volunteers who spend all weekend working tirelessly so that more than 30,000 people can enjoy one of the top 10 fall festivals in Kentucky.

And, for everyone involved, the festival is about so much more than just country ham.

It's about hometown pride.

It's about family and friends.

It's about tradition.

And Marion County excels in each of those areas, which is why, year in and year out, rain or shine, the Ham Days festival is always a success. No matter how many breakfasts are sold, or how many T-shirts might be left over, everyone involved with the Ham Days festival should be proud of their accomplishments. It's a huge undertaking to organize and carry out a festival of this magnitude. And, each year, the chamber of commerce and its volunteers knock it out of the park. Are there some missteps along the way? Sure there are. Does everything work out perfectly? Well, heck no. But, as a whole, the festival is one that the chamber, and our community, should be very proud to call their own.

Many small town, country festivals have died slow deaths, but Marion County Country Ham Days continues to thrive and get bigger and better every year.

This year's Ham Days featured one of the longer parades in recent memory. Pokey Pig participation increased by more than 100 people, and the car, truck and motorcycle show continues to attract a good number of automotive enthusiasts, some of whom bring their cars and some of whom just come to see what there is to see.

Of course kids are a huge part of what makes Ham Days what it is. The kids games, the Little Miss Ham Days and Junior Farmer contests, the pedal pull and the Children's Parade all provide moments that will last in the memories of parents and grandparents for years to come.

It's impressive that more people than we can count find the time and the energy to host one of the best small town festivals in the state. Ham Days is a time when Marion County can stand a little taller. 

And for that we say, "Well done, Marion County, well done."