Kate Palagi's candidate questionnaire for the Lebanon City Counci

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By The Staff

Name:  Kate Palagi

Age:  35 Educational background:   B.S. from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Economics with an emphasis is marketing and finance Address: 437 N. Spalding Ave.   Work Experience:  Lebanon Middle School, Lebanon, KY, Youth Services Center Asst. Hilpp Construction Inc., Lebanon, KY, Bookkeeping / Marketing Matsushita/Panasonic, Danville, KY, Marketing Administrator Wells Lamont, Niles, IL, Credit Analyst and Marketing Administrator   Family Information: Roy, Husband Jane, 8, Daughter Libby, 6, Daughter Will, soon to be 3, Son     Organizations (church, civic groups, etc.): St. Augustine Church, St. Augustine School Advisory Committee, St. Augustine School Public Relations Committee Chair, BPW of Lebanon, Former Board Member of the Caring Place, Marine Corp League Auxiliary, Ham Days Volunteer, Investment Club   1. Why are you running for office?   I am running for city council because of my dedication to continuing the prosperity of Lebanon.  I have no hidden agendas.  Since my husband and I settled in Lebanon and started raising our family more than 11 years ago, we have seen so much positive change in our city.  I would like to play a role in this positive movement of our community.   I am a mother of three children, and we use the city facilities on a daily basis.  My family and I enjoy the park, stroll on our sidewalks, and take part in many of our community's events.   I want to represent the families of Lebanon and ensure that all of our needs are taken into account when making important decisions for the future of our city.  I want what is best of all segments of our population, children, adults and seniors now and in the future.  We must work together to continue our economic expansion and infrastructure improvements.   There are many other challenges and opportunities in the coming months and years for Lebanon.  The outlook for our city is very bright.  I will bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the city council.  I will listen to and appreciate all points of view from our citizens.  It is with an open mind and hard work that I would like to take on this responsibility of your next city council person.  I would appreciate your vote for me, Kate Palagi, on November 4th.   2. What qualifications and experiences have prepared you to serve on the city council?   My education and business experience are two assets that qualify me to serve on the city council.  My involvement in our community has also given me a perspective that would be a beneficial addition to our city's leadership, but it is my ability to utilize common sense that helps solve everyday problems.   I have a bachelor's degree in economics which has proven to be an asset throughout my business career.  My work experience has included financial analysis, marketing, accounting and budgeting. These will be valuable tools if I am elected in November.   I am currently working with the Youth Services Center of Lebanon Middle School.  I have been involved with various clubs, volunteer organizations, boards and activities in our city and I am currently in charge of public relations and marketing for my children's school.   3. The Lebanon City Council recently approved an animal control ordinance after several months of discussion and a mix of support and criticism from members of the public.  Would you support amending the ordinance, why or why not?  What factors would affect your decision?   The animal ordinance is an all encompassing ordinance that takes into account every possible situation that might arise for our animal owners and non-animal owners in the city.  Since the ordinance is so detailed, I expect issues will come up that will need to be changed.   I would, as a city council person, listen to all problems and concerns from my fellow citizens and continue to tailor the ordinance so it fits all people of our community, animal owners and non-owners alike.  We need real enforceable laws for real people.  Being a city council person is a continuing responsibility that I would be honored to take on.   4. E-911 has made headlines in the Marion County for more than a decade and the discussion has been renewed in recent months.  Do you favor E-911 for the county?  If yes, how should the service be funded, and where should that funding come from?  If no, why not?   E-911 is a service that almost all of Kentucky counties have implemented or are in the progress of implementing.  I do not want us to fall behind in this area.  We are a forward thinking, progressive community and we should consider all emergency services for our citizens.    There are already some resources out there to pay for this endeavor.  There is a 70 cent tax of cell phones that raises approximately $80,000 per year that can be used for this project.  There are also grants that are awarded to counties. These are the avenues that should be taken to invest in this system that will save lives.   E-911 is an important program.  It is also important to make sure that it is being funded fairly across the entire county and not overburdening city residents.  The City Council and the Fiscal Court will need to work together to find the appropriate middle ground for handling the expense.  If elected I would welcome the chance to work with Fiscal Court.   5. As fuel prices and health care costs continue to climb, they also put a greater strain on the city budget.  If this trend continues, what steps should the city take to remain under budget? I believe that we have to use caution when making decisions to spend the tax dollars that our residents worked very hard to earn.  Obviously when budgeting Lebanon's expenditures, we have to take care of our immediate needs like fuel and health care costs.  These costs are rising at a very fast pace.  We need to keep a constant watch over them to ensure we remain on budget.    I am not different than any of the other residents of Lebanon.  I consider fuel and health care costs for my family on a daily basis.  The ultimate goal for my family is to set priorities while staying in budget.  That is how I would make decisions for the city.  I would listen to the priorities of citizens and make sure we stayed within our budget.   6. What else would you like voters to know about you?   I would like to express my thanks to the Lebanon Enterprise for the opportunity to share some of my thoughts with the readers.  If anyone has any further questions for me regarding the issues addressed here, or other concerns, please call me directly.  My number is listed in the phone book.  Roy and I have chosen to make Lebanon our home.  We have had three children at the local Springview Hospital.  We love this community, especially the people.  This is now and forever our hometown.     I am a team oriented leader who will listen to the ideas of everyone before deciding what direction makes the most sense in moving forward.  If elected you can count on me to work hard, listen and continue the success of Lebanon.  I believe my point of view will be unique and beneficial to city council.  I have a strong interest in government and community that will make me a good person to represent you.    I believe that Lebanon's spirit of volunteerism and strong work ethic has helped us to progress in all areas.  If elected I will try to live up to this same spirit while serving you on the city council.  Please vote for me, Kate Palagi on November 4th. Thank you.